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  • Anonymous says:

    A great end to one of the best shows this season, if not this year. I had major tears during the ferris wheel scene and a bit during the letter reading, but they weren’t as much as I thought they would be.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I think that since both of them knew this would happen for some time and had come to accept it, the actual passing had a gentler impact than other shows like Angel Beats.

  • Anonymous says:

    yeah this ep wasnt as sad as i thought it was gonna be i mean maybe because it was super predictable and the way they did it made it alot less sad

    i mean always knew it was gonna happen but just didnt know how

    all in all i liked the ending and liked that the person at the end wasnt her even though its more of an open end leaving the veiwer guessing if she came back or if it was someone new

    and as for me i’ll keep it as it being someone completely new

    • Anonymous says:

      So if you know someone is going to die then that does not make death sad? So as long as you get a heads up the death of a person is no big deal for you? Ok sure……

      Pretty sure death is a sad thing maybe even more so if you know it is coming within a certain time and left with no choice but to wait for it without being able to do a thing.

        • Anonymous says:

          “If you are unable to feel for a character there might be a different reason. You may want to look into antisocial personality disorder.”

          This is bollox. To have anti-social personality disorder you should not have compassion for another person, NOT a fictitious contrived figure. So you have to believe the fictitious figure is real. Just because it’s a cute girl character voiced by a person – who did not die but got paid money to fake her voice – drawn by a bunch of guys who are probably underpaid in the industry who have their own problems, …. well by now a compassionate person would start to see where I am heading.

          Feelings based on a cheap imitation are not feelings.

        • Anonymous says:

          It’s called empathy.
          Most people don’t have any difficulty do differentiate fiction from reality.
          While the story might be fictional the feelings are not.A well told story can without doubt result in real feelings. If this weren’t the case there wouldn’t be a reason for television beyond getting the latest news.
          If you are unable to feel for a character there might be a different reason. You may want to look into antisocial personality disorder.

    • I don’t see what was depressing about it at all. It was a textbook traditional tragedy ending. A vanilla sad ending. But it wasn’t depressing unless one is so used to Hollywood-Disney happily ever after endings that anything else is depressing.

      This ended exactly the way I wanted it to end and it worked. That’s good because the show otherwise had a bunch of really weak eps. Now it left a nice last impression.

        • Anonymous says:

          You dont seem to be a stable person in real life man. If you can handle sad endings in a ANIMATED SERIE wich is NOT REAL. You need to check yourself up. IT only gets worse becuse you take in real life situation in something that is not real. Just a tip.

          I knew this ending was comming after the first episode and it ended exactly as i wanted it to, with some tears running down my cheeks. Well deserved ending.

        • I appreciate good writing that manages to stir emotions. It doesn’t matter if those feelings are good or sad, even anger works in many cases. Few would call this show’s story good as a whole, but the ending didn’t fail.

          Back when I learned to read as a kid, Les Miserables was one of the first books I read, so I suppose it affected my taste and tolerance for different sorts of outcomes. It’s a sense of artistic beauty, not deriving enjoyment from the suffering of others.

        • Anonymous says:

          Guys, I stopped watching this by the third episode because I knew where it was going. You’re fortunate that you can get through something heartbreaking without it making you feel awful.. Did I say fortunate? Maybe it’s because you enjoy the pain of others. In any case, I’m not aware of any circumstance in which the loss of a loved one is a GOOD THING. If you really want to get off on the pain of others just look at the real world. People lose their loved ones every day, every hour, there’s enough pain and suffering to satisfy even the most rapacious sadist. For any budding artist looking to delve into the dark side of their ID, turn to reality for satisfaction and create “disney happy” endings in fiction. People that get off on it might be more prone to go postal but people who live with depression every moment of their lives will thank you. Leave unhappy endings out of fiction, please.

    • Anonymous says:

      I disagree on it being a shit ending. The ending of Plastic Memories felt genuine. I think it was because it was expected and also because Isla wasn’t sacrificing herself like a lot of characters do in anime with shit endings. Yes the show ended on a sad note, but I think the main reaso the ending is acceptable in this case is that it doesn’t feel force.

      • Anonymous says:

        It was an excepted ending and therefore it was good? I guess in some sort of insipid way, it was.

        I would say the show ran on tropes and was contrived. Cute YOUNG girl — too young to die for sure — and some stupid drama thrown in together with the futility of the thing.

        Japanese anime should stick to making mecha/moe comedy shows where stuff just ends on a happy note. This – this is sad- but for the wrong reason. They’re just simply trying too hard here…..