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High☆Speed! -Free! Starting Days- Movie Trailer Surfaces


Free!‘s devout fujoshi following has become ecstatic with the release of a trailer promoting the popular anime’s upcoming film, bound to boast even more hotly manful scenes of boyish camaraderie.

The movie will be based off the original “High Speed” light novels, which feature the show’s cast of lithe youths in their less well developed elementary school forms – a setting that will probably set the passions of the rotten contingent ablaze like never before.

The scarcely detailed trailer:

The film will dive into theaters December 5th.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Leave it to a show that promotes male sexuality to bring out male-on-male shaming. You can be the most gar, straight-male ever, but make one mistake to show any feminine side or like/support anything female-oriented and you’re suddenly a fag (which is, on the internet at least, supposed to be the equivalent of having your dick chopped off). So, only women can be sexy for men, men cannot be sexy for women or else they’re “faggots”. Men do the fucking, women are for fucking. If you desire a woman to be your equal or even dominant, you’re a fag who actually likes men. A real man loves submissive lolis who would be easy to rape until they love you. All of this means that humanity has a bright future ahead, indeed.

  • Anonymous says:

    You guys love retarded haremshits with dumbass male MCs and “all the homo/no homo” “you hate this sausagefest because it threatens your sexuality” fuckjoshits. When it comes to moe slice-of-life like KinMoza and GochiUsa, you shit on them because there’s no dumbass male MCs to self-insert. Everything must have a dick involved to secure your manliness. Fucking sexist hypocrites.

    • Anonymous says:

      Honestly if Gou weren’t there as balance for the male characters, it would have been too difficult for me to get through. It was good, but without a female to balance all the guys, it just would have been too much and also kind of unbelievable in some ways.

      What I loved was she was always in baggy clothes and such though, she didn’t need anything revealing to be cute and her character played her role well.

      Plus I dunno what it is, but it seems like all male swim team managers in high school were girls, so it’s kind of accurate.

  • Anonymous says:

    Best anime ever!

    All the haters are actually gay guys so far in the closet they have a condo in there.

    This anime is awesome, amazing, 1000 times better than anything out there.

    Free! Forever! Team Free! Free Season 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      It really wasn’t that tremendous a series. Your love of it notwithstanding, it was good, but it’s not the best ever or really even close if you’re talking about character or plot. Animation is definitely top notch though.

      I wanted to like the characters, but all of them really had nothing much going for them until about the last episode of each season. Otherwise they had nothing like believable aspirations or interests that made them feel like anything special. Haru was an epic artist for example, but that was about a 3-second gag instead of something that could be a character moment or something about his growth. All I could do was hate him by the end, since indecisive characters don’t work unless they have sympathy working for them, and he had nothing sympathetic at all about him. He was basically Sasuke without ambition.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yours is the only comment here that even has me genuinely believing that you actually did watch the show. I think the “fanboys” here are just trolling. You can’t believe anyone around here. I just think that it was impressive for an anime that supposedly supposed to be the female equivalent of a show pandering fanservice. I mean, it started off as just a short animation. It’s great for a first step. I think it would benefit everyone if everyone was pandered to equally and just shut up and enjoyed their fanservice rather than hurl insults at each-other over the internet due to “sexism” or whatever.

        • Anonymous says:


          The issue is that the equivalent ‘pandering’ men have is hentai. That is about the depth of character there was in Free with the exception of the last episodes for me, but that is a BIT of an exaggeration. It’s true that most creators are ‘out of practice’ with male-based shows, but all the shows that are the ones people love have female characters who are equal to the males. They may flash boobs or panties, but the guys have their nude moments, they just aren’t usually ripped or as well drawn. I guess I can’t speak for shallow people who only want flat chest or whatever, but all the best shows with the greatest women have shown depth. And the reason is because the woman had a masculine side to balance her feminine, as in they took action, they showed other emotions than we expected at certain points, and we fell for them because of it.

          Free’s issue is NONE of them had an actual masculine side besides Rin in the second season, and it’s only because he was such a little bitch the first season, and the only way to salvage his character was to just stop his pansy arc and suddenly make him dependable. There was no shift, it just happened. It was necessary to save his character, but it still wasn’t well done. Then Sousuke came in and was more believable, but essentially pointless. And Haru was basically unsalvagable.

          Mako’s entire character can be described as: *Surprised face* *Loving smirk* and it tried to come off as wisdom, but he never really showed the wisdom to back up that reaction much. Nagisa was the most well-rounded because of him being very active about things. Nobody else took action besides Gou, and it’s why I love Gou so much. Basically everything that happened was because she did things for them for a good chunk of the series to push them because otherwise they were basically helpless it seemed.

          I know there’s only so much to add in to a slice of life like this, but K-on did the same thing and started them on a goal that they chose, rather than “Let’s start a team because of the past” No. K-on worked stronger because they were working toward being something better and the FUTURE. Haru just shit all over what made swimming on a team good, even when he was part of the relay.

          I was a swimmer by the way, so I admittedly expected a lot more from it. Free should have been what it was combined with The Daily Lives of High School Boys. If it had ANYWHERE close to that type of friendship and humor mixed into their goals, it would be one of the best series ever made regardless of the accused ‘fujoshi’ focus of it.

    • Anonymous says:

      “This anime is awesome, amazing, 1000 times better than anything out there.”

      I could care less about free or if you like it, but I hope your genitals get shredded by a blender.
      Fucking shitstain plebeian.