Boukoku no Akito Part 4 Trailer Revealed


A trailer has arrived for the 4th installment of Code Geass OVA “Boukoku no Akito”, promising viewers more thrilling developments and cutting-edge mecha battles sure to compel any avid enthusiast.

The trailer, ominous and foreboding as like any other:

The OVA’s popularity has been proving so staggering that it has been announced that the series is adding a fifth and final episode as opposed to ending on the fourth – with even more Code Geass likely to be on the way afterward if the OVA’s positive acclaim is anything to go by.

Boukoku no Akito Part 4 will hit theaters July 4th, while the 5th and final part will arrive sometime in the fall.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Huge pile of fake ‘racism’ whining and self-pity bullshit as expected of code geass series. They don’t have a leg to stand on in reality so they create a fantasy world where japs are the ‘perfect victims’ (even that feels forced and needs suspension of disbelief – assuming you have two brain cells to rub together).

    The stereotypical portrayal of individuals to the point of strawman ‘racist’/’elitist’ and essentially trying to express jap’s own racial attitude and bias gets old pretty damn fast.

    The portrayal of leila malcal is an amusingly desperate attempt at fetishizing a blonde haired, blue eyed individual. Her personality is very one sided and stereotypical, and let’s not even mention the jap attempt at trying to portray the gypsies (major LOL from some roma friends i showed it to).

    Every ‘discrimination’ and ‘oppression’ portrayed is projection of jap’s own attitude towards others, except that they are all being thrown back rightfully in their faces and they are stupid enough to think anyone will buy that as legitimate excuse to bitch and moan about ‘oppression’.

    It really starts to feel like some teenaged whining and self-pity party as you go through each episode, in every aspect. The story, characters, and setting all feel like some rip off of a jap otaku posting their delusional and childish world view on 2 chan or something.

    As a minority living in the states and as someone who had the experience of having to piss in a colored toilet, this whole thing struck me as a very infantile fantasy of a frustrated jap author in a desperate attempt to idealize and lie in order to justify their own VERY narrow minded childish views. I’d say the bitch deserves a good fucking to put him in his place.

    All in all, treat this as another desperate jap circle jerk. Plenty of bitching and moaning to try and ignore the fact that they deserve to be treated like disposable whores (which increasingly seem to be the case these days).