Bikini Warriors Anime Bursts Into View



Hobby Japan has unveiled “Bikini Warriors“, a show boasting scores of sexy warrior girls wearing equally tantalizing swimwear that should provide a plentiful supply of ecchi action – not unlike the lately moribund Queen’s Blade franchise.

Some of the show’s various “warriors”, as designed by some highly talented artists:








Oda Non:


Hiroe Rei:


Tony Taka:







The franchise also has plans to spawn a manga, game and a line of skimpily clad figures in addition; the anime itself will make its debut this July.

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  • Maybe this will be decent, as it is not that difficult to make better gameplay than than the warriors franchise.
    Seriously, warriors type games are stale as fuck, i a hoping this will add something to the gameplay.

    • Anonymous says:

      I really don’t understand why someone would hate harem but not this sort of crap(I hate both btw).

      Both are just shallow shits written by idiots who can’t write anything better than cramming boobs and lollies into everything.

      And the industry and market still pay money to idiots like these instead of people who are willing to put efforts into writings.

      • Anonymous says:

        First of all, if you have watched any of the shows recently labeled as “harem” you’d realize they are well written with better characters than in the past. The issue is now ‘harem anime’ but that they’re called that and it immediately places a stigma upon them. Ironically that stigma is causing them to have to have better writing to make them better series. In fact the harem aspect becomes secondary or at worst equal to the plot surrounding it.

        So it’s not that idiots keep purchasing the same rehashed shit, it’s that the only ones that sell are the good ones that show that they are different.

        • Anonymous says:

          One example is Amagi Brilliant Park is labeled harem, for reasons I can’t figure out at all. Just because there are several female characters doesn’t make it a harem anime, so I don’t even pay attention to the harem label anymore. Enough people like to bash a series labeled harem without giving the series a chance on its own merit that I’ve determined anyone who hates an anime because it’s harem is not worth listening to.

      • Anonymous says:

        Because in our anime we want more breasts, more potential for girl on girl action, MORE PLOT, MORE EYE CANDY FOR US TO GAWK AT.


      • Anonymous says:

        Your extreme bias is showing. If a person likes this and stuff like QB but not harem anime, it’s clear that the person likes fanservice/ecchi and maybe yuri but doesn’t like it when a male character is involved. It seems that if you see any fanservice or ecchi in an anime you immediately write it off as just an empty cash grab. The genre has enough entries out there that it’s resulted in competition and varying degrees of quality. Some anime do it successfully (Highschool DxD), others don’t (ebiten). And by your logic, all the womens’ romance novels out there would be keeping more intelligent novels from being written. As someone who has bought anime like Maken-ki, I’ll have you know I also bought anime like Ghost in the Shell, Macross, Trigun, and Cowboy Bebop. You’re just being a blind ecchi hater, sorry.

        • Anonymous says:

          I think people are just jaded by ecchi, understandably, but most anime fans are younger children or early 20s who don’t have the gift of depth to see beyond the shows now. I enjoy a good ecchi anime for example, sometimes it’s really just fun to sit back and enjoy sexuality for sexuality’s sake when it’s in a show, however there must be included substance along with it to be worth it, otherwise there’s hentai out there. Highschool DxD being probably the greatest modern representation of that in many years if ever.

          Actually hentai like Midnight Sleazy Train completely altered my perceptions in a way I had never thought possible. Somewhere in the third episode, I actually lost myself to the plot and characters and the ending actually had me concerned for them. When I realized that had happened, I realized all pretense was gone. I’d never judge something by genre ever again. I actually looks for hentai now that use the sex in the plot, because I didn’t realize it until more recently, but making sex not feel forced in a story is probably the most difficult literary writing block in existence, because of all the stigma surrounding it.

        • Anonymous says:

          1) Yes I am biased, but in the end the difference for most parts are that one has a a guy and the other doesn’t, which doesn’t make the thing anymore intelligent or mature, it’s the same as asking whether one wants to get a heart attack from McDonalds or Burger King, different preferences, same shit.

          2) I’m not saying it’s a cash grab for the industry, by god every bad harem and ecchi animes also take as much animators as ones that worked on something like Psycho-Pass. I’m talking that it’s a cash grab for the writers, ie. idiots who by no means have any talents, skills or efforts to deserve being paid to be put into position to order the dirt-poor animators what they should draw. I respect the animators and everyone involved with anime production, just not the retards calling the shots.

          3) Well yes, yaoi and the millions of generic shoujo things also are hindering talented writers from becoming popular too, but now how many shoujos do you see getting animated each year? Compared to how many ecchis are being animated per season?

          4) Overdependence on ecchi still isn’t good for the anime economy. Did you see how much profits these ecchi animes make every year, considering how many came out every seasons? Most of them are preying on the same pool of limited target audience. And who suffers from this fight? The writers calling the shots? No, again it’s the animators and other underpaid industry workers who’s going to starve while the idiots continue to laugh at their mountains of money.

          5) I’m actually willing to let certain ‘harems’ slide if they’re actually good and doesn’t treat their characters like glorified sex dolls, like Higurashi, Clannad and Amaburi. So no, I’m not being blind on purpose.

  • Anonymous says:

    funny all the other girl get a class name, and the dark one only got “Dark Elf”.

    its like saying there are many occupation like teacher, police, doctor, and the black guy…

    • Anonymous says:

      Think about how respectable the demographic of Otaku is, then think that instead of insulting them by giving it a name that makes any difference, name it something simple to lower expectations, then when it is watched, I’ll bet you everyone gets surprised by how good and/or enjoyable it is beyond the T and A. Not hard to do if they put any effort in. We ALL love looking at beautiful characters and scantily clad is no different. All they need is to just give them a story to follow and give them their excuses for ecchi, and it will be better than anyone anticipates. Depends how good the director is.

  • Anonymous says:

    A show you say? Need moar screenshots. But then again, from a title like this it means they’re not even trying.

    Queen’s Blade had potential, but this is like saying “k guys, we know you don’t care about plot, so he’s some ‘Bikini Warriors’ lol!”