Digimon Adventure Tri PV Revealed


The previously teased sequel for Digimon Adventure has at last unveiled its first exciting PV, sending a surge of nostalgia through the hearts of dedicated Digimon fans worldwide – whilst also being critically analyzed by fans in an attempt to discern whether or not it will do justice to the franchise.

Digimon Adventure Tri will consist of 6 theatrical episodes, with the first to arrive in Japanese cinemas on November 21st – though an advance screening of this episode will take place at “Digi-Festa” on August 1st.

The captivating new PV:

The English subtitled version for the Japanese impaired:


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  • Anonymous says:

    the show first broadcasted when I was in highschool, now that I work and enter commonly marriage age
    I thought they’re going to be show up as workers or entrepreneurs

    but not, they show up as highschool students,
    oh yeah I remember, because back then they start as elementary kids

  • Anonymous says:

    Whoever was fucking responsible for those character designs, prolly didnt even look at the originl characters anyway!.
    They are like totally different People, only somewhat resembling the original cast….

  • TOEI has seemed to lost its luster. They keep going back to recover the only series that they have ever had a success with, and for some reason they think that by pulling a “Hideaki Anno” by “retelling the story for a new generation” that’s somehow going to appeal the same effects as the original series that everyone loved.

    Sailor Moon Crystal is one of those reconstruction anime, some people who had never seen the original might like it. However, most who had (at least that I have spoken to) detest the art style, character changes, and overall animation.

    Dragon Ball is being revived. I can only imagine, with TOEI’s desperation…

    I was a true fan of Digimon between seasons 1 – 4.
    Many people might disagree with me, but

    Season 1 was undoubtably the best and most memorable.
    Season 2 while still good, retained some good things from the first season, while lost some luster in areas.
    Season 3, while still good, introduced some interesting ideas, and had a lot of fun moments and characters. Although it got a little hard to follow, and perhaps a bit depressing at the end.

    Season 4, while still good, took a while to adjust to the new rules/ideas behind the series. Plus, if you were watching the Dubbed series, getting past the Lion King themed Opening Title Sequence was probably not helping. The series was actually entertaining in its own right, but there were points when it felt a bit too much like Power Rangers than Digimon.

    Season 5, took a Disnified nose-dive. The art, characters, story… all had lost its touch. Felt closer to a Saturday morning cartoon than what one had come to expect out of Digimon. I had to actually force myself to watch to the 13 Episode mark. After that, couldn’t watch anymore.

    Seasons 6/7, It was nice that they brought back the art style of the first 4 seasons, but with a clearly visible budget cut. Whether they thought we’d be impressed by the new special effects they were adding, despite the loss in animation quality, they lost me. Story, characters… some characters were kind of interesting, but not really any that caught my eye as “the Digidestined”. Plus, without a true “Digivolving” sequence the series just felt more like a rejected Transformers cartoon.

    TRI? Seems like this is their last attempt. Pass or fail, this could be the end of the Digimon franchise once and for all. So far, not too impressed. I actually see this as even worse than Seasons 6/7. If it does turn out that way, I’m okay with it, since that might mean there won’t be any more BAD attempts being made. On the other hand, should it be good, I guess I’ll give it some time, but I can’t be an average show. This one will have to be overwhelmingly good. So good, words can’t be enough.

    Good luck with that TOEI…

    • Technically, Sailor Moon Crystal didn’t have character “changes” as their designs and personalities were more in line with the original manga. For fans dedicated enough to have checked out the source material, I doubt the “changes” in Crystal would’ve been all that unsettling. Though, animation-wise, I could see why a few people would be put off by the CG abuse.

      • BTW, have you seen the artstyle for the recent line of video games (re:Digitize, Decode, and Cyber Sleuth)? For a while now, the franchise seems to have been going for more of a, I guess you could say “mature” aesthetic. In fact, Bamco themselves are making it no secret that the target audience for Digimon is shifting from young children to adults who initially grew up with the first Digimon Adventure. This is probably their way of reacting to the retro tributes (fanart, videos, etc.) to the first series that internet fans have been making on a constant basis over the years.

  • Anonymous says:

    Many may disagree with me, but Digimon was actually pretty good from Seasons 1 through 4. Now you can, on your own, rearrange the order of which was better… I’m sure most would say the first season is, of course, top dog.

    I, liked 2, 3, and even 4 after getting past Disney’s modifications to it.

    This is where I think people are going to disagree with me most:

    Season 5 was a huge step back to me. The art, animation, story… all seemed like it was hatched directly out of Walt Disney’s Saturday morning cartoons (much like Duck Tales or something), which if you’re the type that are into that sort of thing, then go watch Duck Tales. Seriously though, it wasn’t exactly what I had come to expect of Digimon.

    Season 6 ~ 7 returned to a similar style from seasons 1-4, however, they seriously tossed out the animation budget, or didn’t care how they animated the series. Plus, the absence of the Digimon Digivolutions kind of changed the series from Digimon to Transformers. Again, you want to watch transformers, then go watch Transformers.

    As far as I see it, Digimon has been going down hill with EVERY new season they’ve come out with. Though progressive, I really think that the best of their franchise is behind them, even with this announcement.

    This looks, to me, like Toei is trying a bit too hard to resurrect a franchise, because they’re maybe in trouble? Why else would they resurrect Sailor Moon (quite frankly don’t think that they’ve done any justice with that one either.) I fear for DragonBall, because if they mess this one up, they’re done. No need to release these movies. They’re just done.

    The only way I was willing to accept this TRI series was if there was any indication that they were at least attempting to do the series as they did it back in 1999. That’s the only way they were going to succeed.

    Just my thought.

  • Anonymous says:

    Eh have to confess something : Angewomon is the one that started mine puberty. When catomon first digivolved I was like : … what is this? So confused. She is… freaking hot.

  • This is weird. It’s Digimon Adventure and I’m not even excited. How could they mess this up? Oh wait it’s the unfamiliar voice actor for Yagami Taichi. Dammit. I had to drop Conan once they changed Kogorou and now I probably won’t be able to find enjoyment in the new Digimon Adventure..

  • Anonymous says:

    Kari’s whistle at the end was a nice touch. Not a fan of the new human art design, but it would probably grow on me if the show turns out decent. Here’s hoping they don’t relegate most of the team to background characters by the end of the series like they did in some other seasons.

  • Anonymous says:

    the character design looks like it’s meant more for a shoujo series-based anime rather than a shounen series-based anime. personally, i don’t think it’s that bad but in the same time, it doesn’t give the right excitement one would expect from something with the word ‘digimon’ tacked on the title.

    the only way i can ever accept this is only if they’re using full remixed soundtrack from the original series; especially for the opening, ending and evolution scene :v

  • Anonymous says:

    Although i am not that thrilled about the new character designs for the humans, I still hope this will be something nice to see now, after 14 years of first seeing the 1st season of digimon back in my primary school days.