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  • DeathPrince says:

    They have so many outlets for sex in Japan, the guys have no need to chase women when it is a major headache. People always call them herbivores but really they have no need for them. Plus paying for sex isn’t shameful there like it is on the western side of the world. There are guys that go in groups all of those places of comfort. You can literally pay for every thing a normal relationship would give you. I hope their population declines so much that they have no choice but to unleash the foreigners upon them.

    • Because the social outcasts and herbivores using these aren’t the ones who are doing the raping on campuses. Despite the social awkwardness, they tend to value and respect others personal boundaries far more than those who are socially included.

      That aside, there’s been more and more rape allegations lately who have been proven false. Not saying it doesn’t happen, because I know it does, but it seems that those lacking in personal responsibility, morality, or being ethically corrupt are becoming more likely to blame their shortcomings or mistakes on another participating party.