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Mobius Final Fantasy: “They Toned Down The Stripper!”



A new trailer for upcoming Square Enix smartphone title Mobius Final Fantasy (previously known as “Mevius Final Fantasy”) has given “eager” players another look into the game’s prospective job system and its thrilling RPG battles, while also giving its protagonist a much-needed wardrobe change after complaints that he looked too much like a classy male stripper.

The trailer:

Mobius Final Fantasy is poised for a winter release in Japan.

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  • As someone who is not gay, enjoys large oppai girls wearing strings and lolis wearing strings its not fair that yaoi fans are denied that wardrobe in game. Come on guys, just suck it up, cringe when the male stripper appears, get a bucket and spit in it then move on.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with you. There have been plenty of skimpy and… flattering… outfits on female characters. I didn’t see the harm in this one guy’s outfit. I believe in sharing the fanservice. I never discourage horniness in girls.

      • I think it’s more that men just do not dress in a way that flaunts what beauty they may have in that way. There’s a fine line, but there is no double standard. Men are not usually considered as dynamically beautiful as women, and then pretend we are is fake and feels as such, even for an attractive gay man. Women can pull it off and feel far more graceful, and it is by nature of how women are at their very core, or at least many are.

        It’s not about sexism or dressing slutty, it’s that men who dress without practicality just do not appeal to other men. He-Man being a good example that while on first glance it’s not practical, his design is basically the bare necessities to move and fight easily and confidence in not getting hit. The practicality of an outfit is directly connected to how he’s perceived as a person. Women are the same, but the feminine core just does not read the same way to the onlooker as the masculine core does. They are equal but entirely different.

  • “while also giving its protagonist a much-needed wardrobe change after complaints that he looked too much like a classy male stripper.”

    What?! Square is all about the fem boys these days. I thought it was appealing to some fashion subculture in Japan. But now they’re taking things too far even for Japan, that’s fucking hilarious!

    • Having big tits or a short skirt every once in a while doesn’t make them strippers. Until I see clear heels on every chick, I’m gonna say anyone who calls all FF female characters stripper like full of fucking shit.

      This outfit is above Lulu levels of what the fuck. Being shirtless would be less stripper like than this. This outfit is too racy for even shit like Chippendale’s. If this was a woman the game journos would fucking riot. I mean, the feminazis are rioting because one character in FF15 has a bikini under a jumpsuit.

    • Is it fine then if I’m annoyed at people in general looking like strippers in games when they are supposed to be warriors and wear clothing that counts as armour?

      I mean, seriously, dress like a stripper only if your opponent is the trouser snake. Outside of those encounters, wear some damn armour (or at least climate-appropriate clothing).

    • Come on he was litterally wearing fucking women’s clothes, you see that on a male only in the gay pride. Wait maybe i’m even insulting gay people.
      With your silly logic, on the pretense that women shows their belly men should do the same with the same kind of clothes. Sorry I have some dignity.

      And he’s the fucking main character, I don’t want and I’ll never play a man-whore as a main character. Whether they do it or not.

      That being said, I also hated FFX-2 with its silly sexy héroines, the funny fact being that it was a game that was made to please women. So don’t complain afterward if you’re (partly) the ones who wants silly clothes on women, and don’t push this view on men.

      • I wasn’t one of them that wanted the women dressed that way. Honestly I hate playing as skimpy ass women heroines all the time if I want to play as my gender and don’t get me started about the bullshit with Always wearing high heels with Every outfit ever. That just makes me wish they would break their ankles wearing those with heavy ass armor.
        Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is that it should be fine for them to have the men in those kinds of outfits for anyone who likes ’em. Maybe not make that the Main starting out outfit but one you can unlock if you like so that everyone can be happy and not pissed off about it. Then people who hate them don’t have to wear them and bitch about it.