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Le Labyrinthe de la Grisaia Truly Traumatizing




A recent 50 minute special for the Grisaia series entitled “Le Labyrinthe de la Grisaia” has at last unearthed the dark past of the cold yet capable protagonist Yuji, detailing a number of horrid atrocities that fans interested in lots of bloody action or merely dying to know the truth will highly appreciate.



































































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    • Actually tbh Yuuji is pretty cool for a male main char, he is dense about the girls due to his upbringing and training, which is more of an excuse than most male mc’s have for being as dense as yuuji in that respect. The anime really doesn’t do it justice, you need to play the visual novel.

        • I actually hate most male mc’s as well, Yuuji is one of the few I actually think is cool. Most of the male mc’s in anime/vn’s are completly oblivious and most of the time they have no reason for it. I mean its like.. how blind can he be? I’m playing princess evangile atm, and the main mc has like a whole harem that wants him, and hes too stupid to really notice it. Shit like that just annoys the hell out of me, mostly because of how damn overused it is. I let it pass if its a case like Yuuji, the guy was like trained to be an assassin and shit, he has a valid excuse for how he is in terms of that.

        • My main pet peeve with Yuuji is that he not only does everything right(which in my opinion makes him automatically bland as all heck), he’s a dick to the female cast throughout the beginning of the series and they still wet the bed in arousal thinking about him. If I or anyone else would make half the idiotic remarks he does in the VN to any normal woman they would guaranteed never talk to him again.
          It just feels like the Author never had a girlfriend during his teens and tries very hard to make his 2D self the magnificent stud that gives no fucks about anything, gets to do everything right and still gets all the bitches because he had life-changing, extreme traumatic experiences that completely qualify him to be a soldier/assassin candidate on top of everything else.
          I am tired of superhuman MCs in series, I just watched HunterXHunter recently and, while there’s a lot of convenience) the main character still gets his ass handed to him, grows around that fact, trains, and gets his ass handed back again. In my opinion that makes a character interesting, a guy that, like me, fails from time to time and gets up stronger so that he might not fail again.
          ‘But Yuuji has a very traumatic past and…’ well fuck that, traumatic pasts feel like a fucking excuse nowadays for the character to eighter be a mongaloid or superman.

        • @Siveria Im anon 21:56. I understand why lots of people like Yuuji. He’s different. Thats also the reason why people tend to gravitate around a series who’s male MC is different from the uber dense, slow, dimwitted, oblivious, obnoxious, and ‘generic’ male MC.

          At first people thought that kind of MC was funny but after a while, the comedy disappeared and now everyone, including me, considers it bland, boring, annoying and even irritating. My point is that we tend to be fascinated by new things because we’ve been shown the same old kind of MC over and over that we either desire for an all female character series or an MC that is different than all the others. In other words, Psychology.

  • Yuuji’s sis better remain pure she is reserved for him only ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)… FYI She may not be dead as they say her head wasn’t found at the location they say she died at, after all body parts all over you can make a faux body if you add some of your blood to the scene in the right spots if you think they would check there for DNA samples and she knew how to get out and where. and with this special showing there dark past she could have used this chance to escape and left yujji to Amane whom she grew to trust. all though this is speculation if true i hope she is doing well and isn’t a slave to some one, harden killer or brain washed..

    • Its hard to say, its one of the mysteries the devolopers/creator never really said anything about. Like you said there was the incident when she cut up the carrots a certan way to make it look like the ones that were stolen were still there, and with how she is, I could see her having little problems chopping up dead bodies to the same effect. The fact they found everyones head but hers kinda leaves it open, its the one plot hole that I don’t think they ever close, but if she is alive why wouldn’t she have tried to find him? considering how much she is obsessed with her little brother. With her talents she’d probally be able to find him eventually.

      • You guys aren’t very observant as the knife she was given given to defend herself was located inside a cache (which only could have happened if she managed to thwart her attackers seeing how deep it was buried as there is no way she could have had the knife prior to being attacked..)

        Oh~ And the NOTE she left in the damned cooler pretty much blatantly stated “I kicked the living fuck out of them, if you see my bro cheer him up, hope to see you someday” The composition of what she wrote wasn’t someone in distress/agony and the calligraphy also indicated she was fine given it’s neatness. It wasn’t a death note to say the least~

        We will see her again, and judging based on what shown from this special… Its going to have some serious ramifications on Yujis current situation.

        Need moar nao~

        • Nothing is sure yet, i’ve played the VN, in Amane’s route good ending they never found what kazuki buried… so i’m not quite sure if they just invented that part… but what i do know is that kazuki is alive and is revealed later on rakuen that she has lost her right hand… probably a sacrife to run away from her death, and yet, she used the trick of the carrot to slice the bodies so that they fit the number of corpses. So far i like what 8-bit is doing with the series… they’re unveiling little of the past and the true route scenarios, yet, leaving a bit of, oh god is that how it is in the novel?The first season was not that bad for me as i thought it would be, i enjoyed how they played with the way the events happened and how do they managed to keep Yuuji from going away of the school as it happens in makina’s and yumiko’s routes

  • yuuji sis better remain pure she is reserved for yuuji damn it ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)… FYI there was no evidence she is dead as her head wasn’t found at the location all the schoolmates died at so she may be alive and hopefully well…

    • spoiler alert, Kazuki was not pure, she had sexual relations with Yuuji, obviously they’re not going to adapt that part, but is pretty clear in Amane’s route in the novel, when they were talking about their families (kazuki and amane of course) she started to tell amane how she used to “play” with her little brother and that she saw him more like a man.

      • Thing is Yuuji was pretty fucked up even before that happened. he was treated like dirt by his parents, only hsi sister seemed to care about him. Also I assume the rapist is that blonde guy? I know the 2nd vn has yaoi as a tag due to one scene. Not my cup of tea but meh. Wish I could read japanese so I could play the untranslated vn’s not to mention the massive amount of games that never see the light of day in english.

        • anon 22.10 here, people say Alter is the best VN ever, I tought it suffered from the same problem Grisaia does. The MC is a real chick magnet, in Majikoi or Little busters this kinda happens but it’s ok since there are other male characters around and they get their share, not here though. Shit hits the fan because of him, does he get punished? nope, he had a emo moment but that was it. People start keeling over, the first few where kinda shocking, the others felt forced, kinda like a soap opera where everyone goes to die for drama purposes.
          It wasn’t bad just, gets predictable.

        • Please stop trying to make the MC look good, I’ve played the VN and I’ll be frank both this and Muv Luv where just way too dramatic and unrealistic. A person that goes through that kind of abuse would’t be in a sane psychological state or even a soldier for that matter. Yuuji is just way too convenient, an authentic Mary Sue, and most people love that because they need to grow up and learn that characters can be interesting and effective at their trade without being completely superhuman and/or having an overtraumatic past.

        • I’ve never played thru Muv-luv, mostly because to get to unlimited you have to go thru extra, and extra is boring as fuck, its just generic high school slice of life thats not really entertaining at all. I need something mixed with it, like Hoshizora no memoria, or otoboku, or princess evangile. A straight up high school slice of life with nothing like what those have just puts me to sleep. I know unlimited and Alternative are supposedly good, but sitting thru extra is hard.