Final Fantasy Type-Next Revealed – “But Will They Finish It?”

Final FantasyTypeNext-Preview-Screen-3

Final FantasyTypeNext-Preview-Screen-8

Final FantasyTypeNext-Preview-Screen-12

A launch event held in Hong Kong for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD also granted attendees the privilege of witnessing concept art for another work-in-progress Square Enix title – “Final Fantasy Type-Next”, a new entry into the world renowned RPG series and possibly connected to Final Fantasy Type-0.

Some of the concept art shown at the event:

Final FantasyTypeNext-Preview-Screen-1

Final FantasyTypeNext-Preview-Screen-2

Final FantasyTypeNext-Preview-Screen-4

Final FantasyTypeNext-Preview-Screen-3

Final FantasyTypeNext-Preview-Screen-5

Final FantasyTypeNext-Preview-Screen-7

Final FantasyTypeNext-Preview-Screen-6

Final FantasyTypeNext-Preview-Screen-8

Final FantasyTypeNext-Preview-Screen-10

Final FantasyTypeNext-Preview-Screen-9

Final FantasyTypeNext-Preview-Screen-11

Final FantasyTypeNext-Preview-Screen-12

Final FantasyTypeNext-Preview-Screen-13

Final FantasyTypeNext-Preview-Screen-14

Final FantasyTypeNext-Preview-Screen-15

Final FantasyTypeNext-Preview-Screen-16

Final FantasyTypeNext-Preview-Screen-17

Final Fantasy Type-Next’s development has unfortunately been put on hold due to the director, Hajime Tabata, being switched to direct Final Fantasy XV instead – though Tabata mentions that he would very much like to see Final Fantasy Type-Next to completion.

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  • They announced this 11 years too early. Development time tend to take this long because the game developers are trying to milk dry as much funds as possible from the investors. Think about it, 9-15 years to develop a single game is the amount of time they’ve a living income. They finish the game too soon and they’ve got to look for another job (or project) to work on.

  • The main series Final Fantasy games seem to have a lot of development problems.

    Final Fantasy 12 took a massive amount of time to develop.
    Final Fantasy 13 had a fair bit of cut content(though it did get released in later games)
    Final Fantasy 14 First release was a costly disaster, had to remake it, again a long development time.
    Final Fantasy 15 Massive development time.

    Why can’t they plan their Final Fantasy games properly? What happened to just having the story down and creating the world according to whats there?

    • Because they are trying to creating an open world, not a city, not a state, not a country or an island, but an actual world.

      Also finalfantasy has always been about the graphics. Even ff1 biggest draw was that it looked better than DQ3.

      • no need to go that far, MUCH CHEAPER stylized 3d graphics would do

        They are too fucking obsessed with the realistic looking ppl, areas and things, being *fun* has been pushed out of the list of priorities

        Same goes for CG, they spend so much time and money in things you will only yawn at once, when i watched the intro to FFXIII-2 all i could think about was “How much did they spend on this shit ? WTF does it have to do with anything ? you could have changed with 5 seconds of Lighting looking at a nuke going off, a huge monster or a meteor about to hit the land and the bad guy laughting”

      • Too bad that’ll never happen, at least not from a major studio like Squeenix. Seems like these days only indie devs are allowed to make games with charming 2D graphics; big studios seem to feel compelled to make their games using 3D models, even when they can’t afford good looking 3D and could probably make the games look better in 2D anyhow…

  • So nothing to see here until like 2025ish? Usually 5 years after the first playable show floor demo for SE to release a game. Since this wasn’t even a demo just some slides I’m guessing 10 or even 15 years before it hits stores.