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Live Action Shingeki no Kyojin Movie Previewed




New footage of Shingeki no Kyojin‘s upcoming live action film has surfaced, finally giving viewers a glimpse of what to expect out of the highly anticipated film and whether or not it will be worthy of the incredibly popular franchise.

The 30 second PV, which aired on Japanese TV show SHOWBIZ:





The live action film will consist of two separate movies, with the first to make its arrival on August 1st and the second due in theaters September 19th.

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  • primarily it is aimed for Japanese audiences not for foreigners who arguably clamor for authenticity.If you want movies to stay true to its original content,go make your own damn movie and suck it!

    • Don’t have to, they are perfect the way they were made originally, be them anime series, OVA/OAV, animated movie, etc.

      And um, yeah, no. Primarily it is aimed for the mainstream audience who is too good or mature for just cartoons, but want to know what all the fuss is about, so they can see the “improved” version of it, or justifying in dismiss it. Basically your idiot’s guide or cliff notes.

      But hey, if the mangaka teams gets a huge fat check out of it, enough to live off comfortably, so the original content providers can do their future works without killing or damaging their health, then am all for seeing these milking attempts end with the usual bastardization.

      As if we don’t have enough washed-up anime/manga haters in media trying to milk the very thing they hate, then claim they somehow made the original “better”, or somehow failed because of the original source, ya sure.

      Who are faker? the fictional characters? or the hating washed-ups faking said fictional characters, poorly?

  • Looks like sht. Laughs at chinky ass giant. Laughs at fanboys who defend this live action but no others. Laughs and agrees with makers to milk the fanboys to buy another mansion in the hills.

  • Hope it’s good. Acting for films based on manga or anime are rarely good, whether it’s made by the Japanese or Hollywood. We got great superhero stuff, i’d love to see something like that for anime and manga adaptations.

  • For Mikasa it’s alright but why japanese actors as Eren JAEGER, Armin ARLELT, Reiner BRAUN, Annie LEONHEART etc… ?

    I mean it’s the same as Dragon ball evolution…. Why THE FUCK did they choose a westerner to play an asian dude?

    Same reaction here…

    • what dragon ball is asian…? I thought Goku was an alien, vegeta and piccolo too…most of them just live place that is similar to asian society

      and of course, american film producers can always pick a Chinese man to play superman, it’s your own story the very idea is written by an american

      • You just want to start sht where none can normally be found, or you are just an Murica hater on Murica attitude. What is with the uncapitalized American? Twice.

        The premise is anime/manga live-actions usually end up from tolerably bad to disastrously unwatchable, so don’t care for ALMOST ANY TO BE MADE. But you are just gonna dismiss that to start a non-existing argument. Will further oblige you this time.

        Why even bring up Superman? This is not DC/Marvel comic site, such sites probably exists, just not this one. Why should anyone on here care if Superman is played by Asian, Causian, Namekian, or even a loli and renamed Supergirl? Unless some happen to be a fan of both. Unlike Batman, Superman is not yet anime/manga related, personally don’t mind either way.

        Also you are not okay with an instance of yellowwash, when Asian film producer picked a bunch of Asians to play anime/manga Caucasians, but are perfectly okay with the more common whitewashes, even defended and justified one yourself? Want to go there? How about airblender/airbender or whatever, but it is not really anime/manga, unless you count the nameless art crews who did most of the grunt work.

        Unless Goku is in SS form, Goku is an alien with black hair/black eyes, an Asian name, and features similar to the “Asians” of their world; else he would have the features of some of the Red Ribbon guys. Also does it even matter? They are anime/manga people. Consider this is in a world where talking/walking shts
        exist as a race on their planet, unlike in reality where they only exist individually. (Dr. Slump)

        If it makes you happy, in SS form, not only do their hair/eyes changes, so does some of their features, more closer to some of the RR guys.

        Just keep on digging holes when none are to be found, and hope personally would dig one for ya, so you can get your break.

    • It’s because despite White Washing being the popular term lots of countries that make their own films and tv target at their own audience so a Japanese movie will most likely have Japanese actors.

  • Mikasa is supposed to be the last (or one of the very few) asian person in the world of shingeki no kyojin… So despite being in a medieval-like world, they have advanced technology for 3d maneuver gear and PLASTIC SURGERY to make people look like asians.

    • Don’t worry, probably am going to fall asleep watching this for the first time, when it reruns a few month after the cable premier, 2+ years after the theater release, just like all other live-actions; including those nicely WHITEWASHED hollywood adaptions such as edge of tomorrow, dragonball evolution, speed racer, and other B/C/Z movie adaptions.

      Kenshin, Death Note, Sailor Moon, etc; yawn. Funny how personally could complete marathons of the whole Anime series for days on end, yet can’t even finish a live-action without falling asleep.

      • But Japanese people are more emotional and powerful than any other country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!
        No other nationality could put their heart into it or make it as powerful or something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111
        America/English is stupid and hollywood sucks and im going to japan to watch this and everyone will want me to live there forever when they find out i watched the anime (but not the manga because not Japanese voices suck ex p)

        • @ 7:48

          Your comeback? So dry witted, off topic, humorless/humourless and substanceless, just like your previous posts, had to make a self-lol to make up for that lack of anything.

          How about you pss off to another site where your kinds hang out, if you have nothing related to anime/manga, or even live-actions to contribute except trolling “weeboo”. Try again brah.

        • @04:33 @04:10
          Ouch, tough crowd.
          Did I perhaps hurt your feelings? Or maybe are you just a little cynical when it comes to humour?
          Never really got the
          “Do you have nothing else to do besides X” argument, Its not like I made some sort of well thought out detailed response (that would be stupid~) it took me maybe 30 seconds, Is your time really so important that a mere 30 seconds would cause some set backs?

        • Or wait, are you one of those regretting ex-weeboo stuck in Japan or in rehab, trying to find humor/humour by trolling your former self? Don’t let the culture shock and re-entry shock hit you hard on your way out.

        • @ Anony 03:11

          Your words brah, not my.

          AMC have produced 2 very interesting series, best in their genre. one animated and the other based on comics.

          HBO have produced half a dozen to dozens of very nice series, based on novels, non-fictions, or historical adaptions.

          There are others, including youtube-based and even the BBC, too bad most are not made by the mainstream media corp or hollywood.

          (not that stupid Topgear, seen more super cars in private basement parking lots. Fallon or Letterman? Yawn. Louise CK or Conan Please, and both seem to be some sort of anime/manga fan, just like Robin Williams.)


          Have nothing else better to do then trying to troll your perceived “weeboo”? Did you actually mention anything related to this site besides the word “anime” & “manga”? Come again brah.

      • Alright, am hyped up, pumped up, and pssed off, want to punch some live action actors now, be them Asian or Caucasian; and especially Domyouji Tsukasa, amongst others, even if Makino Tsukushi is one of personal least favorite female chara.

      • That said, Aku no Hana the anime might be a good source for an adaption.

        Also, probably going to give Cameron’s Gunnm/Battle Angel Alita a chance at the theaters, when it comes out on 3D.

      • continue from above and anon @23:18 “Someone called?”

        Kochikame, Gantz, Cutey Honey, Hana Yori Dango, Nana, hentai live-action adaptions, etc the list just goes on.

        Apologies for the rant.