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Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold Western Release Confirmed


An English localization has been announced for upcoming Etrian Odyssey II 3DS remake “Etrian Odyssey II Untold: The Fafnir Knight”, offering avid RPG enthusiasts in the west a chance to enjoy the game without having to go to the trouble of learning Japanese.

The game offers 2 different modes of play, one which boasts a brand new story with fixed party members, full voice-acting and animated cut-scenes and another more reminiscent of the original that still boasts several convenient improvements.

The rather gorgeous animated trailer:









Etrian Odyssey II Untold: The Fafnir Knight is scheduled for a tentative release date of summer 2015 for North America.

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  • Kind of wish I understood the enjoyment in this game. Played a demo and just didn’t get anywhere(as in I utterly sucked at it). Can anyone help me comprehend why this is such a liked game series?

    • The first game was for people that enjoy a challenge and not just holding the A button, waiting till the random encounter is over. The series got watered down, though, as it went on. Part IV was way too easy.

      Basically in the first three EO games every random encounter feels like a boss fight. There is real tension that you won’t make it and if you don’t know what you’re doing… you won’t. That makes every encounter fun and none of them tedious, since you feel accomplished after defeating a difficult enemy.

      There’s also post game bosses that make all the bosses you know from your other favorite RPGs seem like little sissys – at least if you don’t know how to defeat them.

      Another fun thing is, that attacks that affect status, like poison, are actually useful against bosses. Not like most RPGs where it’s a waste against random encounters and won’t affect bosses at all.

    • Well, it’s a dungeon crawler, so you would have to like that kind of gameplay first in order to actually appreciate the game. Drawing the map is actually something that is pretty unique to this series (aside from some very old games were you basically had to draw a map of dungeons). And it’s pretty hard, which might either be a plus or not.
      Adding a story mode was probably the best decision they made, since the story in the first few games is basically non existant. It still won’t sell the game if you don’t like the above things, but it definitly improves the overall gameplay.

      This series is definitly for a more specific type of audience, but if you like this sort of game (hard dungeon crawler with several classes and a big skilltree for each class, so you can actually experience different playstyles), this is a pretty fun series.