KBG84 Idol Debut: “BBA Idols Older Than Ever!”



Hailing from Okinawa, “KBG84” are the latest eager performers to slowly arrive onto the idol scene, consisting entirely of elderly participants over the age of 80 – and bound to be a fierce rival for the industry-leading AKB48.

The group has already achieved a staggering 40 members, and unsurprisingly boasts singing and dancing as their main form of entertainment – though talent expectations should perhaps be lowered even further than usual given their extremely advanced ages.

Their first song entitled “Come and Dance Kohamajima,” has already been recorded and is scheduled for release in June.

Strangely enough there has been no mention as to whether the universal idol rule of “no lovers” applies to these upstart idols – though it is likely few would wish to know.

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