Saimoe 2015 Commences


The search for the cutest anime girl (which has recently started to include male characters as well) has begun once again with the arrival of the 2015 International Saimoe League, encouraging obsessed anime fans to nominate and vote over the course of the year to determine the cutest anime character – or the one with the most dedicated, obsessed and tecnhically resourceful fans, at least.

The event is currently at the nomination stage, where voters may enter their characters of choice – with selections being divided into characters from previous anime and characters from currently ongoing anime.

A celebratory PV:

Those desiring to participate can visit the event’s official website.

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  • Anonymous says:

    This site is dumb as fk and even rigged the voting. At the finals 1 person clearly got outvoted but still won and they made up an excuse that the system isn’t just 1vs1 and the previous matches effect it. They then proceeded to erase evidence of it. No point in bothering to vote for anyone at all in the previous matches except for the 1 you want to win or else they will use it against you. A ton of people quit wasting time on that PoS site.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have to agree with you, although I don’t see evidence of cheating (which doesn’t mean they don’t cheat).
      I believe my first Saimoe was in 2012. Everything was interesting, exciting and fun. In 2013 a lot of results were surprising and weird, but I think it was still believable. 2014, on the other hand, was just a POS.
      Many popular characters of the previous years either didn’t appear on the list at all, dropped out early, or came through and stayed, but lost against some “newbs”. New characters were suspiciously “popular” and successful. What I absolutely don’t understand are the tiaras… every tiara contest had around 70% the same lineup, yet the results were always different? And how comes that rematches had reversed outcomes?
      Something I don’t like (but don’t deny) is that the winner is chosen by combined results. Annoying, but somehow fair :/
      Then there is that “special alpha/beta winner” chosen during several rounds… To me it appears that they themselves choose the group which has the most “interesting” winner and elect them to get their picture.
      Last but not least, the winner of 2014: Kotori.
      In fact I do like the character and was happy that she won instead of several of the other options. BUT, wtf did she win the BIG ONE against several STRONG opponents? She even beat characters that won the main event before and 2014s cups… and IIRC some “winners” lost unbelievably in their matchups.

      In short: I believe Saimoe was great a couple of years ago. But starting 2013 it got worse and 2014 was horrible. Every time I looked at the results (which decreased over time) my only thoughts were “wtf, this can’t be!” or “this got to be rigged”. During the later stages almost all characters left were ones I don’t “support”/like, so my view was more objective. Somehow I predicted who they’ll let win and who will lose, that was mildly amusing^^
      Well, 2015 is here. Maybe I’ll submit my characters (which definitely won’t make it) and then I’ll look at the lineup and if it sucks, I’ll just leave it be and come back for the finals (if I can).

    • Anonymous says:

      The final stages of the tournament are obviously dominated by botnets, but the earlier league parts always seem pretty fair and unbiased. Except that you can’t expect the silly gaijin to actually understand what “moe” means so it just ends up as a popularity contest.