Corpse Party Live Action Movie Due

Ayumi-Magic-by-petenshi dr.vermillion

News of a live action film for the excessively gory horror series “Corpse Party” has arrived, bound to be rife with plenty of mind-bending atrocities and disturbing visuals – though hopefully it will not be plagued by low-quality special effects or overrun by wonky CG as such adaptations are notorious for.

In addition, revered AKB48 idol Rina Ikoma has been revealed to be a part of the film’s cast – sure to boost hype for the movie by way of AKB48’s massive legion of fans, although it may yet spell doom for the title’s critical reception.


A live broadcast event straight from the movie’s set will be hosted by none other than Niconico in the spring, while the movie itself is slated for a summer release.

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