Plastic Memories PV Unveiled




A 2nd PV has arrived for upcoming anime original Plastic Memories, which has shown its cast of fascinating characters while also giving viewers a little insight into what they can expect from the series.

The anime is set in the distant future where androids that bear an exact resemblance to humans exist, not the most original of themes but one likely to excite interest all the same.

The 2nd PV, released via the anime’s official website:

The first PV:


The anime will air this April.

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  • I noticed many people posting on SanCom are fed up on those so called “generic male mc’s”. You don’t need a rocket scientist to tell you that. That’s why I just wondering, why most male mc’s especially on harem animes look generic or stereotypical? You noticed that most of them are black/brown hair, small to medium eye irises, skinny, lame attitude etc. At least animators and mangaka will have some time to customize them so they looked more varied or random like changing their hair color etc. Female anime characters always have more variety than male anime characters.

  • It’s a copy of infinite stratos. They just use a different style to make it look that they are different, but everyone can tell it’s the same. Will it kill them to have more Yuri anime/manga.

  • I’m beginning to think all of the producers in Anime are part of a cloning program. I swear they all either think the same, or actively steal ideas.

    Seriously, at first I couldn’t tell the difference between Absolute Duo and Unlimited Fafnir.

    What’s up with that?

  • Let me elaborate.

    Male characters are not bad *in general*.

    However, there are some series, not the majority in Japan but the majority in SanCom, where the entire point is to ogle at the pretty girls.

    These series tend to have a single male character. Unremarkable and unrelateable. Whose only purpose in the story is being the center of attention of the girls.

    Shows that lack these characters tent to have better character interactions overall. As the girls interact more between each other in more interesting ways.

    Example? In no particular order, millitary show like Strike Witches, Vivid Red, Girls und Panzer, KanColle. Idol shows like AKB0048 Love Live, the IM@S.

    These shows are better because of a lack of a male main character hogging all the attention.

    A solution would be make 50% of all characters male. But it wouldn’t be a bishoujo series anymore would it? It would also make the shipping much more obvious.

    In short either go for a nearly 50-50 gender ratio or go for everybody is gay all the way.

    • The reason there is a ‘generic’ male character is so the audience, being mostly male, can relate to him.

      While introducing more male character would probably make the series better, it makes it harder for the audience to relate to the male characters, as the simple addition of more males would require them to be diverse enough to justify adding them in. That in turn would make the shipping between characters more diverse…and that would hurt the sale of (female) character goods.

    • In a scifi drama, Male C discovers at the end that really is not male, but also an android too..

      But as the anime looks like a love history … Mahoromatic again (fluck the way)
      The only difference in this anime will be the mass moefication ………
      Yes … in my opinion would be the ideal 50/50 anime, but with so much genres defined over the years would become confused … aka Cross ange ..
      As this is a matter of market you never know what tomorrow will bring 😛

    • The only time male characters are good is in shows like JoJo’s Bizarre, or Dance in The Vampire Bund. Y’know, characters that serve more than just the purpose of lazy generic harem fill-ins.

      Isuca is currently the greatest example of a good setting lacking a dynamic mc. It’s like the writers don’t want the series protagonist to be the heroine, so they lazily throw in a conduit to display said heroines unconditional tsundere love and make him the protagonist. With no design consultation at all. Yet somehow the Japs still love it.