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Naruto Shippuden Live Action Fan Film Surfaces



Independent filmmaker EpicRival has revealed the opening scene of their soon to arrive live action Naruto film “Dance of War”, establishing the setting and premise whilst showcasing the hardcore fight choreography they are known for.

The first half of EpicRival’s Naruto film:

EpicRival’s previous Naruto fan film:

The fan film proves that Naruto’s dedicated following has yet to die down despite the recent conclusion of the manga, if not the years of spin-offs in the making.

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  • I think doing a great live action for most shows especially action shows would be extremely challenging.

    I can see something like Attack on Titan being done but only with a AAA budget and the titans not looking the slight bit goofy. Something like that maybe be able to get away with the goofy look in the anime but I don’t really think would translate too well in real life. That’s just my personal opinion though

    Something like Naruto for it to be pretty awesome would take a whole lot of CG to be really cool and not seem cheesy to me.

    To be honest I don’t like most live action stuff from anime… probably because I wouldn’t have watched it if it came out first then the anime.

    It would kinda be like Game of Thrones getting its own anime. It would probably be dumb as hell, I admit I’d at least watch an episode out of sheer curiosity but It’d probably suck.

    The reason for that may be that the original work most time is better, or more so we make it better than it is . So making a satisfactory adaptation of it in a different medium would be quiet difficult. Hahaha that and going from 2D to 3D for some shows would require an insane amount of CG for it to really flow. The other sometimes the dialog should be changed and certain mannerisms of characters tweaked.

    Not everything from anime will translate well to real life and I think a lot of shows fail to understand that in the dialog and the way the actors say things.

    • I personally think an adaptation would be better if they just use the setting and not the characters. There will always be something off with the characters that we pick up on and ultimately be unsatisfied about.

      If you have an all new cast you can make the movie any way you want without being restricted.

    • And even big budget Hollywood movies’ CGI looks wonky as hell, and most of the time, even when it looks good, it’s still obvious to the human eye that what you’re seeing is not real. The truth is that really few movies with CGI actually look good enough to allow suspension of disbelief.

      Animation on the other hand allows for everything to fit, so fantasy elements don’t seem out of place. Not to mention even animation with a limited budget can get creative (still images, etc. a good example of making limited budget animation part of the show’s style is Hidamari Sketch), it’s a lot harder to do that with live action and CGI.