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China Rail Train Cosplay Anything But China Quality


China’s new Nanning-Guangzhou high-speed railway has been cosplay-inaugurated, with the girls in question taking on the anthropomorphized forms of popular trains as envisioned by doujinshi circle Moe North Railway.

While this is the first emergence of Moe North Railway’s characters in a form other than doujinshi, some have speculated that China Railway Corporation may yet officially endorse the characters as mascots – and they certainly would not be the first to utilize anthropomorphized anime girls as a means for boosting profits.

Comparisons between the cosplayers and their 2D counterparts:



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  • And why stop there? Since China’s only claim to many of its lands is that its former conquerors conquered those lands (Manchuria, Inner Mongolia, etc.) then China can claim Genghis Khan was emperor of China and the former territories of the mongol empire that are now independent are just all rogue Chinese provinces. By that logic, they could claim all of Asia and half of Europe including parts of Poland. Why doesn’t China do it? China knows it would just get its shit pushed in, but small weak countries like Tibet and East Turkestan and Manchuria were helpless to resist their imperialist colonization.

    • If you track my ancestors all the way back to when they were amoeba-like stuff in the primordial soup, you’ll see I am actually a relative of Bill Gates. Therefore, when he dies, I am entitled to whatever he leaves behind!

    • This is just promotion for a new train.
      What you see is probably 90% Photoshop, 10% makeup (containing a healthy dose of lead and mercury, of course).

      The station will soon be covered in all sorts of graffiti, garbage and human waste, just before being looted and exploding. Only they won’t post photos of that.

  • Oops. They forgot to use the proper Kanji variant for the Japanese names.

    川崎镜 should be 川崎鏡, 川崎樱 should be 川崎桜, 西园寺铃 should be 西園寺鈴 and 西园寺舞 should be 西園寺舞.

    But hey, the difference is subtle, and it’s still the same characters.

    • That’s the true spirit of cosplay, home-made costumes. Except now you have professionals fucking everything up with sponsor paid bullshit costumes, lifting expectations and killing any spark of passion left in the hobby. If cosplay is made of ‘Costume Play’, where is the play left? All I see is Costume-fucking-monetize-these-poor-Otaku-sods-Pose.

      • I see what you mean, and totally understand your frustration. But the problem is, people like me only see cosplay as looking at cute and/or sexy girls in cute and/or sexy clothes, preferrably from an anime I’ve watched.

        I don’t “blame” capitalism, I think what’s happening here is a few people being upset that the bar is now too high for them, and a lot of “cosplay consumers” happy for the improvement, and not caring the least if poor cosplay or unattractive cosplayer can’t possibly make it into the headlights now.

    • rainbowkouji says:

      Taiwan seceded, so while it is Chinese, it isn’t the territory of the ROC.
      Korea, though, is another story. Historically and culturally, it’s been a Chinese barony for most of its existence, sharing culture, architecture, cuisine and many other things with the rest of Eastern China. The only thing that really distinguished it was the Altaic language isolate that’d gotten stuck there through ethnic migrations that we still haven’t completely charted. For a very long time, Korea was a Chinese province – a badly governed and backwards one, but Chinese. It’s been independent on paper a few times, but in that fashion it as much deserves to be an independent country as Wu, Shu and/or Wei. Mutually unintelligible languages, local patriotism and a history of short-lived stints of statehood that didn’t matter much in the long run – sounds like dynastic China to me, alright.
      The game-changer came when the US wanted to interfere with first Japan in WWII, then Communism in China and North Korea. As a result of both of those, the US has helped create “Korean history” – something that makes as much sense as “Jewish Nazi”. To justify their actions against Japan (first territorial paranoia, then the desire to control Japan’s industry as it built itself up again) and China/North Korea (McCarthy-era Red Fear, plain and simple), they helped Korea fabricate a history of persecution to keep themselves clean. The US overlooks Korea’s plagiarism industry, industrial espionage, historically revisionist claims to Japanese culture, the occupation of Takeshima and the Osaka May 2013 stabbings (among many other events) to avoid upsetting the relatives of Korean War veterans and Korean immigrant groups (for example the CRAC, which is aggressively anti-Japanese). Perhaps the greatest lie that they’ve perpetuated is the idea of the “Korean pleasure women” – they claim that the Japanese had an organized and officially approved plan to kidnap and rape Korean women, despite the bushido code seeing an Imperialist revival at the time (and as if the US Army hasn’t done the same) and the infrastructure in wartime occupied territory being too fragile for something like that. What happened was that Korean women prostituted themselves for food and home comforts in the belief that the Japanese administration (which turned Korea into a first-world country) would stay – and when the US forced Japan out, they fabricated the “pleasure women” story so that the prostitutes could avoid persecution for sleeping with the enemy. Meanwhile, the US made no effort to protect the women in the RAA, which was the exact same thing as they blame the Japanese for.
      So, in short. Korea is more rightfully Chinese territory than even some provinces of China (Inner Mongolia, Tibet), and even if it isn’t, having it be occupied again would be doing the world a favor.

      • Dude, your wall of text means nothing. Just visit Korea and China and you’ll notice the huge differences.

        China may have been a prosperous empire centuries ago, but now they’re just the world’s sweatshop. Why would a modern and wealthy country like Korea want to be lumped with them? The average Korean enjoys a much better life than the average Chinese.

      • Only everything contained within the great wall of China is China proper. Manchuria, Mongolia, East Turkistan, and Tibet would not be part of China, except for Chinese imperial aggression and expansionism.

      • Dafuq drugs r u on brah?

        If Korean history is anything, they were always independent because they fought for it. However China being a significant cultural, spiritual and economic powerhouse, Korea always paid tribute to the Chinese emperor. If your logic is true that paying tribute makes a country a state of China, the same could be said of Japan, since they did the exact same thing dumbass.

        Also if you fuck up an entire country with war, and the only jobs around is prostitution, that’s still forced prostitution by context. No one would’ve volunteer to be one dumbass.