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Sex Trained Crossdressing Shonen Diary

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Sex TrainedCrossdressingShonenDiary-VisualNovel-4

Aptly named visual novel developer Mucus has tickled the fancy of crossdressing addicts with their recent eroge “Sex Trained Crossdressing Shonen Diary“, featuring a timid male trying to pass himself off as a female while experiencing what can only be described as a red-blooded male’s ultimate fantasy.

The story follows innocent Sakura Onoe who has been forced to dress in female attire due to his abusive senpai, which naturally leaves him being put upon at every turn…

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Sex TrainedCrossdressingShonenDiary-VisualNovel-2

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Sex TrainedCrossdressingShonenDiary-VisualNovel-4

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The brief title does not have animation but does feature voice acting - Sex Trained Crossdressing Shonen Diary is available now.

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