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Archer Leticia’s Monster Hunt: “Too Many Monster Girls!”

ArcherLeticias MonsterHunt-ActionRPG-Eroge-8

ArcherLeticias MonsterHunt-ActionRPG-Eroge-10

Another enticing ero-RPG has arrived, entitled “Archer Leticia’s Monster Hunt!” and courtesy of Studio Satisfy, occasionally delivering some tasteful H-art concerning a variety of lovely monster girls.

The simplistic plot revolves around cute elf girl Leticia who discovers a bow endowed with the magic of a perverse fairy – and then proceeds to purge her forest home of female monsters with her newly acquired weapon, while sexually exploiting them in the process.

Some screenshots of the relatively uneventful game:

ArcherLeticias MonsterHunt-ActionRPG-Eroge-1

ArcherLeticias MonsterHunt-ActionRPG-Eroge-2

ArcherLeticias MonsterHunt-ActionRPG-Eroge-3

ArcherLeticias MonsterHunt-ActionRPG-Eroge-4

ArcherLeticias MonsterHunt-ActionRPG-Eroge-5

ArcherLeticias MonsterHunt-ActionRPG-Eroge-6

ArcherLeticias MonsterHunt-ActionRPG-Eroge-7

ArcherLeticias MonsterHunt-ActionRPG-Eroge-8

ArcherLeticias MonsterHunt-ActionRPG-Eroge-9

ArcherLeticias MonsterHunt-ActionRPG-Eroge-10

ArcherLeticias MonsterHunt-ActionRPG-Eroge-11

ArcherLeticias MonsterHunt-ActionRPG-Eroge-12

ArcherLeticias MonsterHunt-ActionRPG-Eroge-13

ArcherLeticias MonsterHunt-ActionRPG-Eroge-14

Though the gameplay is may be less than inspired and the ero-scenes lack the animation or voicing associated with more lavishly produced works, the modest price may very well be worth the thrill – Archer Leticia’s Monster Hunt! is available now.

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