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Persona 3: Falling Down Movie PV Released


A new PV has arrived for the 3rd upcoming film for the now rather ancient RPG series Persona 3, implying some immense drama despite showcasing very little – and sure to interest fans of the game that are still able to recollect just what it was about.

The scant PV:

The BD and DVD release for the preceding 2nd movie will be available on March 11th, and the 3rd movie Persona 3: The Movie “Falling Down”, will air in Japanese theaters April 4th – more information may become available on the official site.

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    • The problem is there’s not enough day to day material outside of Tartarus to make a full season(24 eps..) Persona 4 had more character interactions and stuff like that(Emphasized friend stuff..) where as Persona 3 was more darker.

    • NYX is just an ideaform from the sea of consciousness.

      It’s still funny how the cast of Persona 1 and 2 could have handled the main antagonists of 3 and 4 without breaking a sweat.

      I’m just going by what Igor himself says in the games.

      If there’s a human that can reach God Mode / Savior Mode without S-Links, wouldn’t that make them stronger than someone who needs them?

    • Except Nyx doesn’t need a body. She uses one when she wants to interact with the physical world, but otherwise she is what she is:

      Eternal Night; a primordial deity who is a child of Chaos and existed at the beginning of Beginning, and is the mother of Thanatos – death itself.

      You don’t kill something that gave BIRTH to death. You also don’t kill someone who ALSO gave birth to:

      Aether – Brightness
      Hemera – Day
      Moros – Doom
      Ker – Murder
      Hypnos – Sleep
      The Oneiroi – Dreams
      Momos – Blame
      Oizys – Misery
      The Hesperides – Evening
      The Moirai – The Three Fates
      The Keres – Death-spirits (like evil Valkyries)
      Nemesis – Envy
      Apate – Deceit
      Philotes – Friendship
      Geras – Old Age
      Eris – Strife

      Source: Greek Mythology.

      • You know, I almost don’t feel like correcting people tonight.

        In the SMT world, things don’t usually function like they would in the mythology world, with the scant exceptions of Trumpeter and Baldr from time to time. For example, most SMT Devil Survivor fans and most Persona fans wouldn’t even know that there’s two Cerberus units within in the game. One that’s an Original Creation and one that is the mythology Cerberus.

        But the P3/P4 Saga is it’s own bullshit that doesn’t even bother to pretend that it makes sense from time to time.

        • That’s because the game was designed that way, not because the logic doesn’t hold up. Anything with a body is killable. If you go from a powerful entity to a human you’re killable as killable can be.

        • Except that SMT tends to hold true to the mythology they base the games on.

          In the SMT universe, you can give ‘God’ a physical body and wail on Him all you like (such as in DDS), but at the end of the day he’s still God and all you did was create an itch annoying enough to pay attention to enough to scratch.

          That’s essentially what Nyx is in P3. Hell, you don’t even kill Death in the game (oh look, another deity with a physical body to kill!!! Wait…), you just beat him up enough to make him let you pass so you can get smushed by Nyx’s presence FROM ORBIT.