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Anime de Wakaru Shinryonaika PV Arrives

AnimedeWakaru Shinryonaika-PV-Appears-1

AnimedeWakaru Shinryonaika-PV-Appears-2

The 3rd humorous PV for upcoming informative medical series Anime de Wakaru Shinryonaika (“Psychosomatic Medicine Understood Through Anime”) has surfaced, giving some insight into what viewers can expect of the comedy series which seeks to deliver both humor and information about various mental disorders.

The latest 3rd PV, which unfortunately is only viewable on youTube:

The 2 previous PVs, which bear the same fate:

There is also the manga which started it all.

Anime de Wakaru Shinryonaika will be an online net anime and is scheduled for a February 13th premier.

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