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The Last -Naruto The Movie- Most Profitable Naruto Film


Recently premiered and “final” Naruto movie “The Last -Naruto The Movie-” has generated the most revenue of all films in the franchise – more than likely due to the fated conclusion of the rampantly recognized manga.

The news was revealed by way of the movie’s official twitter account:

「THE LAST ーNARUTO THE MOVIEー」は2014年12月末にシリーズ最高興収を突破!記録更新中!ご鑑賞頂きありがとうございます。この3連休も全国で公開中。公開劇場はHPをチェックして下さい。テレビ東京HIRO

The trailer:

The movie had debuted in 266 theaters across Japan on December 6th and managed to gross over ¥1.75 billion by the end of December, greatly surpassing the revenue of “Road to Ninja” which premiered in 2012 and generated ¥1.48 billion – a development sure to disappoint its creators now the cash cow of a franchise has finally been slaughtered.

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