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Arle the Sorceress Intense Ero-RPG

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Arlethe Sorceress-RPG-Eroge-5

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Hailing from the creative minds of Dieselmine comes “Arle the Sorceress“, an RPG revolving around the constant sexual exploitation of its haughty heroine – and surprisingly providing some decent gameplay reminiscent to the classic RPGs of old.

The game concerns indomitable sorceress Arle and her attempts to make her magical expertise known across the land – to her dismay (though probably not that of players), she will encounter an assortment of sexually deprived beasts that will surely spread word of her “talent” in one form or another.

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Arlethe Sorceress-RPG-Eroge-3

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Arlethe Sorceress-RPG-Eroge-5

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Arlethe Sorceress-RPG-Eroge-23

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The sexy RPG contains voice acting for its stimulating service scenes and also boasts at least 8 hours of gameplay, which will surely hold player interest for quite a while – Arle the Sorceress is available now.

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