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Ghost in the Shell Arise TV Anime Announced


Cyberpunk classic Ghost in the Shell is set to receive a new TV anime based on its rather controversial Arise series, sure to disappoint those looking for a fresh Stand Alone Complex.

The news was announced via Ghost in the Shell’s official website and in honor of its 25th anniversary:


Whether it will merely be a TV rehack of the Arise OVAs or a new series in entirety has yet to be divulged, but fans will likely be underwhelmed in either case.

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  • I don’t mind an Arise series, the characters are more flawed/damaged than their Stand Alone Complex counterparts. Motoko pretty much got them out of jail to join her team, they’re not going to be as trusted as what they were in SAC.

  • DieHardjagged says:

    I dont know why everyone else is hating Arise, Sancom also did let me think Arise is “Bad” for trying something new and you know what? Arise FUCKING WORKED. I enjoyed watching it and everyone should give it a chance, you cant call yourself a GITS Fan if you hate this cause the Major looks different or the VA is new.
    Arise in itself was pretty good, so i really welcome a new Series.
    And let me say this again, having THIS is fucking better than having NOTHING at all. Stop pretending being butthurt, go with the Times and adapt.

    • True in every respect. Arise is not a replacement for SAC anyway, and pretending it is is just foolish. Let them expand the universe. Just keep supporting them and keep expressing to the right sources that you want more SAC continuation. There IS a way to say ‘yes, thank you for that, it was good for what it was, but please realize that we really wanted more of ‘this'” and convey the message without being unnecessarily negative.

    • While sankom did overstate the series shittiness, a couple of things I disliked about it. I hate how it’s a prequel. If, like you said we’re moving ahead with the times, I wish they’d make a continuation to SAC instead. I also didn’t like Motoko’s character design and the fact that she isn’t voiced by Atsuko Tanaka. The only reason why they made her younger, is to make it more appealing to the moe otaku demographic obsessed with ephebophilia.

      To me GITS is always was always about the evolving and increasingly complicated relationship between mankind and technology. That’s what Motoko by herself embodies. Nowhere has it been more relevant than now. The old series (and the 1995 film) had their faults but they made you stop and think. To turn it into some sci fi ecchi cop drama is just missing the point. I hope they hire writers with at least some knowledge of computer science and modern technological trends.

      • Maaya Sakamoto did great as Motoko, and I knew she would ever since hearing that she is to voice the role. If being presented with the choice of Maaya Sakamoto or Atsuko Tanaka for the new movie and TV anime, I simply wouldn’t care because they’re equally convincing.

        Not Maaya’s fault the characters in Arise (and by extension some of their dialog) sucked.

      • It is more to please those who like cyberpunk, although many think mecha and cyberpunk is the same but are different types of fans.
        Few anime that explores this type as psycho pass or one that should come back .. Ergo Proxy
        Gits suffers from its own success, which will hardly be overcome ..
        Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex .. January 2004..11 years. has already passed 11 years .. I met gits at PS1, I did not know that the manga was so old ..

  • Meh… Arise-Motoko was kind of an emotional bitch. Give me back the cool Motoko! And the cool other characters while you’re at it. There’s nothing fun about a dysfunctional section 9, where Motoko needs to eye-hack her own team member because he’s a disobedient dick.

  • Sounds like we’re about to get the Dragonball GT of GITS. We’ll get one of two cool things out of the series and a few easter eggs relating to its predecessors but otherwise a waste of what is hopefully only 13 episodes and not 24 – 26.

    Best case scenario tho, is that we get a shockingly good show, so I’m going to keep a little bit of hope.

      • Credit where credits due. GT didn’t have 2 million episodes of the same character powering up, pretty much non stop AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

        • Dragon Ball started out okay, but it quickly turned sour. Too many episodes. Don’t know when the last time was you guys watched any of this or how old you were then, but DB and DBZ were just boring most of the time there were lots of episodes of Gohan just walking through the wilderness doing nothing at all.

          GT didn’t have that. GT was like going on an adventure… not watching Goku defeat strongest opponent ever number twelve. “This is the strongest one!.” (Piccolo) – “No, this one is much stronger than the strongest one.” (Radditz) – “This time I’m not kidding, this next guy is much, much stronger then the last strongest guy.” (Nappa) – “But wait.. this was only a weakling compared to the next strongest guy” (Vegeta) – “No.. this is just the beginning…..

          Frieza (and all his different forms)
          Android No. 16/17/18
          Cell (and all his different forms)
          Boo (and all his different forms)

          Seriously.. that’s as exciting as watching a boxing match, which only ranks as slightly more exciting than watching grass grow.

  • GitS Stand Alone Complex is my personal all time best Anime series ever made and one of the best tv shows ever, animated or otherwise. Which is maybe why I’m often bewildered by most of Sankaku’s audience.

    Needless to say, this news saddens me a lot.