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Touhou Super Smash Battles = Touhou x Smash Brothers


Indie development studio From Soy Sauce has revealed “Touhou Super Smash Battles“, a fighting game that uses concepts from the well-known Smash Brothers franchise while containing characters from renowned bullet-hell shooter Touhou – sure to be a popular crossover for the intersection of the already gigantic fanbases.

While the game’s main mechanics are heavily inspired by Smash Brothers, other unique features have been implemented such as free-falling and bullet hell in classic Touhou style – along with a host of other ideas likely incomprehensible for people not accustomed to the complex nature of competitive Smash Brothers.

Some gameplay videos courtesy of From Soy Sauce’s YouTube channel:

The game is currently being crowd-funded on IndieGoGo for $10,000, though after a single day the project has already raised an impressive $4,000 – Touhou Super Smash Battles is planned for release on Windows, Mac, Linux, Wii U and potentially other platforms, should it not come to the attention of Nintendo’s legal department…

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