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New Touhou “Memories of Phantasm” Episodes Released




New episodes have been released for the breath-taking fan animated Touhou series “Fantasy Kaleidoscope ~The Memories of Phantasm~”, once again demonstrating Manpuku Jinja‘s stellar artistic talent as well as his undying devotion to the Touhou franchise and its massive fandom.

The first episode was originally introduced via DVD at C80 in 2011 – while few episodes have been produced since then, its clear that a staggering amount of work and dedication have been implemented to keep them at the highest level of quality.

The new 3rd and 4th episodes have been provided below, devoid of proper voicing as usual – though several fandubs have since been created.

Episode 3:

Episode 4:

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  • The animation and all that is nice but for any fans who knows what little there’s out there about the characters, this series is little more than a fanservice fest meant to pander to people who still laughs about pad jokes (there’s obviously no such thing in the episodes but the humour goes to this degree.)

  • Am I seriously the only otaku in the world never to see the point of Touhou? Lotta cute girls, a lot of them monstergirls of one type or another, but when you get down to it it’s just another danmaku game series, why does it seem to be one of the biggest franchises in otaku history (despite having never even received an official anime adaptation)…?

    • Well, for starters, it’s “just” another shmup in the end, true, but it’s a shmup that: 1) has consistently stellar music made all the more impressive that ZUN does it all by himself, 2) features bullet patterns that are not only fiendishly difficult but also highly original and often designed to follow themes of some sort rather than just spitting a million shots at you willy-nilly, and 3) not only features a cute all-girl cast, but grants them endless potential in fan works by both basing them on beings with established backstories while leaving the canvas open enough for fans to create all sorts of stories and interpretations without giving off a heavy “Yeah, this is fanfiction” vibe.

    • Is because ZUN kid, all is because ZUN. One of the reasons of touho be a famous franchise is the totally liberty to his creator Zun give up to the fandom of touhou, he left to the guys make animes like this, mangas, doujins, other games, and lots of things whiout any retribution ( copyright ) inclusive Zun like to see the works of his fans and is a antycopyright and he is one of the few who think of the Western market. The other question is to the chars of touhou are not the lotta cute girls who you think kid, Zun give a interesting personality to every one, the prota Reimu is not the classic SHIROEMIYANARUTOEVANGELIST moral fag who save the world and launch stupid sermons, she only save gensokyo because is her job and doit many times because dont have other things to do plop (is lazy very lazy) but contrary to that, it is also an excellent strategist and fighter, not only a cutte loli shitt equal to others cof cof madoka cof cof fandom protas.

    • Most fans don’t want an official anime. Sort of. The problem with an official anime, is that it would launch the franchise into the ugly world of business and big money.

      It would need to involve a deal with an animation studio and publishing company, which means they would end up with some degree of rights to the series. If you know anything about the media business you know how painfully bad things can go wrong when people in suits start throwing cash around and treating a franchise like a cow to be milked to death.

      ZUN could literally sell the rights to Touhou at any moment if he wanted, and make millions instantly. But it’s his personal fantasy setting, his art, and he has no interest in selling out.

        • The way I’ve heard it explained is that Zun doesn’t want his games to take a back seat to anything — manga, anime, figures, or anything else — that Touhou is first & foremost a game and that’s what he wants his fanbase to buy, his games.

        • I don’t know how rich Zun is really- but you’d think he’d be able to maybe make his own animation studio if he wanted and retain the rights for it to allow people to still make fan doujin anime of it too. I mean- Touhou has the largest fanbase in japan so- I’m sure it’d be easy to ensure they retain the rights and such in that manner regardless.

          Then again this is a country that still censors porn mags so…

        • Would anyone do, though?

          Nowadays, any series that gets an anime adaptation gets some changes that don’t make much sense and are there “just because”, even if those changes are very small.

          As far as that goes, I thus have to say that while there are studios that could make it into an interesting anime or even a good one, there is no studio that would do no “injustice” to it at all.

        • Blazenwhiper says:

          Thats the thing though, even if they do it justice, With the following touhou has, whoever they are partnered with will require them to do certain things.
          Like add needless fanservice.
          Produce lower quality episodes so that the BD can sell.

          And with as large a fanbase that Touhou has, they’ll want to pander to that audience.
          Not to mention, what happens when they give a character a card-board cut out personality.
          You know that would happen with as large a cast Touhou has.