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MikuMikuDance on Steam Greenlight


Sekai Project have revealed that they are attempting to bring the massively popular Vocaloid-cenrtic 3D animation software MikuMikuDance to Steam Greenlight, sure to get western fans excited even if an English variant of the famed freeware has been around for some time sans DRM.





Some have questioned the significance of bringing such freeware to Steam – though the prospect of giving the software and its masses of users access to the Steam Workshop might very well make the endeavor worthwhile.

There is no information regarding whether additional content or features will be added to the Steam release, but the program’s arrival onto the platform will surely help in attaining Miku’s goal of world domination.

Reactions from Steam users have been predictably positive as well:

“So ready for this! I had no idea where I could get MMD before, but this makes it really easy now! I’m excited to get to use this!”

“god i’d imagine making models and videos and pictures would be easier if this ends up using the steam workshop which has me EXCITED!”


“Imagine how much easier it would be to add models and effects.”

“The otaku in me wants this game on steam immediately”

“As someone who used this, I can say this is a good product. Lots of people make stuff for you to use. Even pokemon!”

“Gaben pls”

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  • If they make it the definite version and their main development platform with workshop intergration i’ll consider giving it a whirl, it is a pain in the ass to keep track of the hundreds of models and animations which i can’t even read the filename of.

    As far as straight up animation goes SFM is superior in every way right now.

    • Considering the amount of complaining about the “stealing” and “misuse” of content in the MMD community, I don’t think workshop support would go over well. You’d have people uploading others models and sets as their own, and other people whining about it and constantly flagging things for deletion, whether justified or not. Already, a lot of Japanese MMD content creators have made things increasingly difficult for outsiders to get their content, and having it available through a primarily non-Japanese software distribution service would probably make them even less likely to release their content publicly.

  • I think 90% of people who were interested in MMD have already tried it and moved past it by now. We really do need more MMD hentai/sexy dances that are in first person for the oculus though, but that doesn’t have anything to do with steam.

    • I respectfully disagree. It’s probably because many of us just see the often too many dance videos made in MMD by a 10 year old kid just using a motion data, camera motion , load the model, stage, render and done. So i do understand where the stereotypical come from but trust me on this there’s MANY of good animation video made by a serious animator using that software especially from the Japanese community.

      And don’t compare the one who used this software there with the majority of the west, there it has used to made full season (although short) anime show for a numerous time and commercial stuff. while in the West most of them just made stuff like i mentioned above…

  • Great. Get ready for an even bigger flood of drama from 5-year-old Western brats whining about not receiving free stuff sooner because they can’t wait to steal credit by rereleasing it under their own name.

    • Technically there is potential that Steam could put it up for free, there are several types of games and software that are already free. Simply putting it on Steam, even for free, could be a potentially beneficial sales tactic in the long term. Make something with a following easily accessible and attach it to a full community of modders, you’ll bring in more traffic to your service which will generate more sales. It’s likely already happened several times over with Maple Store and, much more largely, Final Fantasy.

    • Some people are too lazy to actually go find things on a site and down load them or are scared of getting a malware infection though the Steam client it’s self can be considered malware by many of the definitions of the term and introduces it’s own security risks.

  • mmd alone is pretty useless. you need tons of additional editors, tools, models, shaders, fx and so on to get some good work out of it. and this stuff is still all in japanese and mostly really hard to get your hands on it.

    • That additional tools are just one it’s called MME… all the shader, fx, those goes there so it’s an integral part of the MMD and most MMD user use it since it’s just there ready to download for free by using google for 1 minute.

      Mostly really hard to get your hands on it? Dude i’ve been using MMD for 3 years now and trust me if someone don’t know where to get most of the model, stage, effect etc there’s only two probability . One, he’s too lazy (like seriously lazy) to use google or two he didn’t even extract the MMD files yet (basically he never used it and just assume things)

    • the sad part is that they’ll probably put a price tag on it, like what happened to Vanguard Princess, which was freeware but since it’s on Steam, it asks for 5 bucks

      now before anyone says some shit like “yea we shouldn’t pay developers for their hard work”, consider this: if it was freeware in the first place, support was done through donations, why suddenly change the model so that everyone has to pay upfront? the answer is greed.

        • @20:45
          And you know why it has never been a problem before? BECAUSE ALL THOSE OPPRESSED DEVELOPERS AND “YOUTUBE CONTENT CREATORS” USED TO HAVE REAL JOBS!!!!!! Now everyone wants to get by on easymode, by doing a ton of e-begging, monetizing unoriginal videos on youtube, you name it. “WHAT DO YOU MEAN I GOTTA GET A REAL JOB? I ALREADY WORK FULL TIME ON YOUTUBE BY SITTING ON MY ASS AT HOME AND MAKING UNBOXING VIDEOS AND TALKING ABOUT NEWS ARTICLES!!!!” Go on Patreon, there’s a million people like random ass furry porn artists and “professional” youtubers that get paid 800 dollars a month for drawing shitty pictures and making unboxing videos. Now look at indie game scene: you have games that are worth the money, then you have games that back in 2005 you’d be able to play on fucking Miniclip or whatever other flash game page on the internet FOR FREE, NO LIMITS. Nowadays, those free flash games cost you at least 2 dollars. Upfront. Nowadays you have to pay for EVERYTHING even shit that has been free in the past. It’s pure greed, dude. It has to stop.

        • I call BULLSHIT. Original game was completely free, COMPLETELY FREE. 0 DOLLARS. Just a translation should NOT cost 5 bucks, dude. Get your head out of your ass. You get your fucking anime and mangas translated by random people on the internet for no charge whatsoever. The people who translated the game to english didn’t even have to do anything but change the text. That’s not worth 5 bucks PER PURCHASE of the game.

          It’s called greed, dude. Original game was free, the guy/guys who made it gave it away FOR COMPLETELY FREE, but no, good old Americans can’t do the same. There’s no good will in America. “We translated the game for the masses, now pay us 5 bucks even tho there arleady is a free translation for the game online ๐Ÿ™‚ ENJOY!”

          I swear to god, it all started when Kickstarter became a thing. Exploiting the naive people and scamming them out of their cash became widespread and now everything has to have a price tag because oppressed developers can’t afford to eat. Wake the fuck up, this has never been a problem before. Indie game scene existed since the days of Commodore 64. Never before have people become so entitled to getting paid for everything they do. Now you have patreon “GIVE ME CASH EVERY MONTH SO I CAN KEEP MAKING UNBOXING VIDS ON YOUTUBE XD” and all the other shit like it. It’s sickening

      • Why does it matter? The Freeware versions don’t suddenly go POOF in light of this. People can now pay if they want to but you can still download the free version floating around on the internet.

        Vanguard Princess never had donations. It was up for free since day 1. A lot of Japanese freeware games are developed completely for free. Are you telling me that the maker of Cave Story don’t deserve all the success for his wonderful game just because he started the game as a freeware? Where’s the logic in that?

        And why SHOULDN’T people pay for these? It’s up to the author/creator and if people want to pay, let them vote with their dollars. This fucking internet generation is so entitled over free shit and it’s gross.

        • I think you’re missing the point here. The company that translated and distributed Vanguard Princess didn’t just “steal” the game to sell people a translation. The original Japanese developer has made some cut of the profits as well. And of course the game undoubtedly cost him a lot of time and money to develop.

          VP isn’t a simple “fangame” or something like that. It’s a game that was built with original characters with professional-level spritework and voice acting. The developer originally planned to release a “Prime” version with an additional character, which probably would have been something that would have been sold, but that apparently fell through for whatever reason. I doubt the original plans were to only release the game for free, but rather to use the free release to work out balancing issues and so on for an eventual wider release.

          And the fact that there’s a paid version available shouldn’t negatively effect you in any obvious way. The free version is still available as well if you want to play it. I also don’t see the problem with developers wanting to get paid for games they make. It can take thousands of hours of work for a small developer to create a game. If they can make the development their primary work, they can afford to dedicate their time to making more and better games for you.

        • Yea, you see

          Japanese make a great game/utility for free, distribute it for free, not even donations
          Americans take the games, translate (which was done for free before, in case of VP, UNTIL IT WAS PUT ON STEAM) and then sell them for 5 bucks, claiming the translation was so expensive it called for a 5 buck price tag. For a fighting game. That the american distribution team didn’t even work on aside from text translation.

          There’s a problem here, not sure if you’re noticing it. Game was made for free, foreigners take the opportunity and start gathering profit from it. The typical sarcastic “developers shouldnt be paid for their work, right?” excuse is invalid. 5 years ago nobody wanted to get paid for making fangames or whatever else, outside of donations which were 100% optional. Now everybody feels so entitled to the money they will never give anything away for free. Not in America. Everyone has to pay upfront or they get nothing. That’s not how indie games should work, and that’s not how they ever worked in the past.

        • Someone already made a perfectly functioning English version for free. Now someone else wants to do the same thing and then charge money for it? To do something that’s already been done before without adding anything new– and then charging money.

          You’re right though– creators have the right to implement whatever distribution model they desire. But the fact remains that this is a dick distribution model.