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Final Fantasy Legends: The Space-Time Crystal Trailer


A trailer for the recently announced smartphone side-series “Final Fantasy Legends: The Space-Time Crystal” has emerged, revealing the game’s roster of unimaginative heroes as well as showing off a little bit of the classic turn-based RPG action that the franchise has discarded so long ago.

The game will supposedly bring back the time travel premise of the 16-bit Final Fantasies – also apparently its design inspiration.

The trailer:

Fans may be disappointed that this is yet another smartphone game, but that looks to be all they will be getting for the remainder of the decade – Final Fantasy Legends: The Space-Time Crystal will arrive on iOS and Android this winter.

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  • I guess it was unrealistic to expect that a game inspired by the 16-bit classics would look anything like them. I should’ve learned by now that Squeenix will do its best to disappoint without fail.

      • I liked thinking on my feet. And between getting stumped or getting tense, the newer style delivers both. Then again, I planned for everything in Persona 4 (Turn-based) so spamming Mahama or Ziodyne was no problem for my first playthrough. But I play fighting games a lot more and I enjoyed FFXIII battle system. Is there a correlation?

        • Only real complaint for the FFXIII battle system specifically I’ve heard is that everything wasn’t unlocked soon enough for characters. But really that didn’t matter, it gave a reason to use the other characters, because they were the ones with the abilities. Whether they liked the characters or not was kind of irrelevant to the uses.

          FFXIII was more like a commander of the battle than actual individual control like older games. It’s that part that everyone got up their own asses about. The ‘auto’ selection ability made everyone complain too. Made it so you didn’t have to remember the weaknesses, which is a double-edged sword. Less thought required for it and more focus on what’s happening, which doesn’t work well for preferred micro-control. Only real drawback I saw was not being able to set magic vs. physical element attacks to control flow better, so you had to play the system and increase a stat more than the other to have them use it more.

          FFXIII did have the best match or real-time vs turn-based until XIII-3 (all regardless of peoples’ feelings of the stories). Very creative potential uses, and mostly successful across the board, but I love going back to old school too.