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Angel Beats! -1st Beat- PV + Bonus Episode Revealed


The long awaited “Angel Beats! -1st Beat-” visual novel has just received its first PV, giving eager fans a closer look into what they can expect from a game/visual novel adaptation of the classic anime everyone already mistakes for a visual novel adaptation.

The “1st beat” in the series intends to cover the story arcs of Iwasawa, Matsushita and Yui, covering up to what has been estimated to be about episode 10 of the popular anime.

The rather chatty PV:

In addition, a bonus episode has also been announced to be bundled with the upcoming Blu-ray box set of the anime which will be arriving on June 24th – the episode will be entitled “Hell’s Kitchen” and no details have been given as to what it will be about, though it may perhaps be abundant with profanities.






Angel Beats! -1st Beat- is slated to arrive for PC on May 29th, hopefully without any further delays.

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