Absolute Duo PV Revealed


Impending harem fantasy anime Absolute Duo has received its first glimpse PV, showcasing a brief glimpse of the anime to eager viewers – and will likely determine whether aspiring viewers will drop or watch the series.

The relatively uneventful PV:






Absolute Duo will premier December 28th.

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  • The Honorable Lord Tentpants says:

    Every season, we are bombarded by like 50 million tired and worn out harem anime because of the most profitable demographic eats it up like whip cream on golden hot cakes.

    Moral of the story: writers aren’t even trying anymore, they just copy, paste, and print out a harem for quick cash.

    • I can still watch harem as long as the MC isn’t a useless waste of skin who should never have a harem to begin with. This season’s Trinity Seven is an example of harem I can enjoy. Fortunately it’s pretty easy to filter shows with such a simple criterion.

    • If you want another way to look at it, honestly I enjoy ‘harem’ anime, but that’s because I never watch them thinking they are harem anime. I don’t watch previews, I don’t listen to people on the internet, and avoid all spoilers. Then I watch them on their own merit and many of them are a unique twist on an old concept, and if you seriously think about it, that is another aspect of what makes a writer impressive: can they take a concept and make it new in another way.

      If you watch endless anime, you’re going to get jaded, you have to slow down or they WILL all be the same, and there’s nothing anyone can do for you. You mix it up, like how I do JRPG, WRPG, JRPG, and so on for games, I avoid playing two of the same type in order and it maintains freshness,but sometimes I had so much fun I crave more of the same.

      You have to adapt based on your desires, if you’re jaded, mix it up. If you unconsciously grab cookies from the fridge, it’s not about the cookie, it’s about the motion.

      • I think both of you are right to the extent.
        It is true that you quickly get saturated if you watch predominantly the same or similar type of content (especially if you’re sceptical toward it or simply not interested in the genre). Hell, when I got ADSL internet in my home I started binge watching anime although I did it in mixed queue like you described (there were ongoing as well as older anime that I missed in the past and needed to “compensate” for the lost time). Even with mixed order (and pauses so that I could get hold of reality) I too got bored after some time because (at least in newer anime cases, the older never got me jaded) in 9 out of 10 animes, there were generic and done with the same template with some minor variations.

        Still, that doesn’t change what Lord Tentpants said about anime companies churning out harem animes all based on the same basic template with some variations here and there to keep interest and the reason for that is very simple: Money (you don’t say).
        Let’s be brutally honest here, anime industry (just like any industry in the world) wants to make money and they follow the market to see what are the most profitable genres and as we all know, harems are on that list as well otherwise they won’t be making those in that many numbers.
        All in all, it’s all business. Hell, Hollywood and gaming industry is hardly any different.