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Top 50 Manga of 2014, According to Da Vinci Magazine


Da Vinci magazine has released what their devoted readers consider to be the top 50 manga of 2014, with the long-reigning One Piece at last being stamped into oblivion by a titanic foe – for the second year running in fact.

The ranking, based on 4,589 votes:

1. Shingeki no Kyojin – Hajime isayama


2. One Piece- Eiichiro Oda


3. Silver Spoon – Hiromu Arakawa


4. Haikyu!! – Haruichi Furudate


5. Hoozuki no Reitetsu- Natsumi Eguchi


6. What Did You Eat Yesterday? – Fumi Yoshinaga


7. Umimachi Diary- Akimi Yoshida


8. Monthly Shoujo Nozaki-kun – Izumi Tsubaki


9. Ooku: The Inner Chambers – Fumi Yoshinaga


10. Chihayafuru- Yuki Suetsugu


11. Detective Conan/ Case Closed- Gosho Aoyama

12. Saint Young Men- Hikaru Nakamura

13. Assassination Classroom- Yusei Matsui

14. Ane no Kekkon- Keiko Nishi

15. Sangatsu no Lion – Chika Umino

16. Space Brothers – Chuuya Koyama

17. Barakamon- Satsuki Yoshino

18. Tokyo Ghoul- Sui Ishida

19. Black Butler- Yana Toboso

20. Kuroko’s Basketball – Tadatoshi Fujimaki

21. Ao Haru Ride – Io Sakisaka

22. Arslan Senki – Hiromu Akakawa

23. Orange – Ichigo Takano

24. Amaama to Inazuma- Gido Amagakure

25. Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu – Mari Fujimura

26. Yowamushi Pedal- Wataru Watanabe

27. A Bride’s Story – Kaoru Mori

28. Kimi ni Todoke- Karuho Shiina

29. A Silent Voice/ Koe no Katachi- Yoshitoki Ooima

30. Natsume’s Book of Friends- Yuki Midorikawa

31. Wakako Zake- Chie Shinkyu

32. JoJolion- Hirohiko Araki

33. Neko Pitcher- Kenji Sonishi

34. Moyashimon- Masayuki Ishikawa

35. Kounodori (Volumes 1-6) – You Suzunoki

36. Mahou Tsukai no Yome- Kore Yamazaki

37. Giant Killing – Masaya Tsunamoto and Tsujitomo

38. Chouyaku Hyakunin Isshu: Uta Koi- Kei Sugita

39. My Love Story!!- Kazune Kawahara and Aruko

40. REAL- Takehiko Inoue

41. The Piano Forest – Makoto Isshiki

42. Hyakushou Kizoku – Hiromu Arakawa

43. World Trigger – Daisuke Ashihara

44. Koudai-ke no Hitobito – Kozueko Morimoto

45. Your Lie in April- Naoshi Arakawa

46. Around 30-chan – Nayuka Mine

47. Isobe Isobee Monogatari – Ryou Nakama

48. Houseki no Kuni – Haruko Ichikawa

49. The Seven Deadly Sins – Nakaba Suzuki

50. Kakukaku Shikajika – Akiko Higashimura
Sayonara Sorcier – Hozumi
Juuhan Shuttai! – Naoko Matsuda (three-way tie)

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    • SnK is in my top 5 favorite list, One Piece is not even in the top 10.
      Don’t get me wrong, I like One Piece, I just prefer dark anime/manga.
      SnK is not overrated, you just didn’t like it as much as most people did.

      • Yes it is overrated and also it being in your “top 5” has nothing to do with what I said or back up any reason in which it isn’t overrated. And to the first reply his response is the most accurate. The manga didn’t mean shit until the anime came out because the ANIME version was amazing not due to the manga. And what “most” people liked wasn’t the manga to begin with, it was the anime so don’t start with the “You didn’t like it as much and that’s why it’s not overrated” bull shit reason.

        • Well you’re backing yourself up with bullshit, SnK got popular because of the anime, so what? that doesn’t mean it’s overated! it only means that the anime was great enough to make the manga more popular! I mean that happens with every fucking high rated manga these days! even One Piece wouldn’t have become this popular if it wasn’t adapted!
          I’m saying that I personally like SnK and think it deserves the high ratings, that’s an enough reason for me to think that it’s not overrating.
          You in the other hand didn’t like it so much, and that’s fine, but you trying to convince people that SnK being overrated is a fact based on reasons is childish, especially since your “reasons” are made up and only theoretical, not to mention that they could be true for every other show, not only SnK!
          I said that I had no complain about your personal opinion, but I had complains about the way you’re forcing your opinion, that’s why I replied, was it that hard to understand?!

        • You saying “SnK is not overrated” is already backing it up. If that’s not what you meant then I have no clue what you mean by even saying that. Also anime makes many manga multiply in popularity. Those “high ratings” came from after the anime adaption was released and not due to it’s own popularity to begin with. People are confusing the the amazing animation and story telling of the anime with the manga. As I was saying the MANGA is overrated and no the anime which is deserved. As well as calling me totally childish and immature when telling you why I think it’s overrated with legitimate REASONS and not stupid ass things like “cause it’s my top five” just shows how much of a brain you have.

        • I wasn’t backing anything up, I was just saying my opinion.
          I have no complains about you thinking that SnK is overrated, as long as you admit that it’s no more than your personal opinion, I’ll respect that.
          But forcing your opinion on others as if the heavens have decided that it is the correct one, is totally childish and immature.
          Both the anime and the manga have high ratings and are very popular worldwide, if they didn’t deserve those high ratings, then how did they get them?! by cheating? by courtesy?

    • It’s funny even the anime has merits with the amazing art and great animation, the good music, and VA’s but… the manga has none of these. Instead it actually has bad looking art, a plot full of holes and and characters who are extremely shallow. Honestly I’ll never understand why it got such a good anime adaptation and yet better manga all the time get shit anime adaptations.

  • I’m glad that Koe no Katachi found out its way on this list. Most manga mentioned are pretty much unknown to me though…

    On the other hand, I’m impressed that Naruto didn’t get enough votes to appear on this list.

    • It’s because some (and just some) mangas on the list are actually not for the general public. Ooku: The Inner Chambers for example is a story more mature than the usual shonen ahead of the charts.

      In my country many of those authors are actually published. I was shocked to learn that in USA, many people don’t even know someone like Tanigushi, while he is regarded as a master in japan and here. The English-speaking public need to learn more about this kind of artists, at least to know that you don’t need to make the usual shonen/shojo/seinen thing to be successful.