Nitroplus Blasters: Heroine Infinite Duel Announced


Game developer Examu and visual novel experts Nitroplus have teamed up to create a new fighting game titled “Nitroplus Blasters: Heroine Infinite Duel”, which pits famed Nitroplus characters against each other in unparalleled combat – very much similar to the concept of the recently released Dengeki Bunko‚Äôs Fighting Climax.

The game was revealed by way of the latest issue of Famitsu and unlike Fighting Climax, Nitroplus Blaster’s roster of characters consists of only lovely females, sure to at least give the game a few points in regards to originality and style.

Nitroplus Blaster also allows players to choose “partners” who can help out with assist attacks and create devastating combos – supposedly the game will have significantly higher focus on partner characters as compared to other fighting games.

The Famitsu issue:



Nitroplus Blasters: Heroine Infinite Duel will make its debut in Japanese arcades sometime in 2015.

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