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  • Well in my opinion Zvezda is far superior to Ilya
    in terms of optics, characters, originality and almost everything else.

    I don’t think that (the lack of) loli tits alone is responsible for differences in popularity

    • It is however responsible of the fans (scratch that; more like the potential buyers) turned away from the show.
      It started with a stunning popularity, and a real flood of great fanarts, but after the series didn’t deliver loli fanservice, otaku just stopped caring, and the series never delievered later either.
      It’s understandable that otaku were upset, since her Venera design is probably the hottest loli design we’ve seen in a long while.

        • Except where there’s practically no loli fanservice these days. It’s not hard to think why people thought there’s gonna be some (looking at her design) and why they were disappointed that there isn’t any, and that the protag was a little faggy boy instead of the loli.

        • I found the series to have a great setup, and actually a great finish, however it has such a strange feeling to it in terms of how people react to her and what is happening as a character. I can’t really tell how tongue-in-cheek it is.

          And I sincerely hope that’s just a shallow projection, that it lost popularity without loli fanservice. A depth of character does better fanservice than the same old tired bathing scene any day. Fanservice only is entertaining to me now if it actually feels like the animators are in the background joking with you about it, rather than feeling like they have to shit in scenes with extreme closeups of ass and chest movements characters would never do unless they were doing it for a camera in a porn. That stuff is not impressive anymore, never really was. Senjougahara’s changing scene teasing Araragi was more sensual than any ‘fake’ fanservice ever, and was a poignant scene developing their relationship and interaction at multiple levels while showing her ass as an extra. THAT’S how it’s done if anyone wants to do fanservice.

    • It’s not about having guts you idiot. The repercussions of loli tits on tv rings the doorbell of the moral douchebags that doesn’t have enough education about how to seperate reality and fantasy.

      I’d still buy that tho. Also waiting on a beach queen figure.

      • Nobody’s talking about the tits.
        But they can still show a lot more than what they did, just having Venera-sama tranformed for more than 2 minutes altogether would have been something.
        Just look at what some other show’s lolis can show, for example Illya.

        • Yup, still putting words into other people’s mouth.
          You know, the kind of person you are, who pretends to like loli yet show that you actually don’t, is what we call normalfags.
          It’s good if you are one, you have a whole lot of things to enjoy, but when they do a show like this and then just show their middle finger to lolicons, obviously it’s gonna flop.
          There’s no point talking about that.

          The point is that they shouldn’t make a figure like this in the first place. You know, after they already said “fuck you” to lolicons.

        • @ Anon 22:54

          I didn’t put words in anyone’s mouth. You just spouted the shallow shit I was praying was actually just joking around or being facetious. I do enjoy loli, it’s a spectrum of attractiveness and sensuality that is purely imagination-oriented, it shouldn’t be in real life because it isn’t. But the juxtaposition of her being in a hot outfit and not flaunting it as some brazen sex act was what endeared her to me even more. She was basically hinted at being much older than she was in a mysterious way, and if she began acting like some sex object it wouldn’t have had anything going for it. Her clothes almost became an ironic aspect of her, an increased mystery as to why she would even do so, like it was a planned concept of how she is perceived. Whether or not it was, it defied my expectations in a good way, and I loved the character, not her ass.

          Anyway, I don’t need to put words into the mouths of shallow idiots, they belch them out normally as you’ve proven anyway. At least give a less pathetic reason for the series to have flopped than she didn’t transform enough so you could jerk off, jesus christ…

        • Yeah, you don’t like lolis, we get it.
          Stop putting words into other people’s mouth though, the series flopped for a damn good reason despite starting out as popular as hell, thanks to her design.
          And you know what that reason was? That they didn’t put in fanservice of her. And why? Because she’s a loli.

          I don’t want tasteless porn, so I don’t care about those fanarts. I merely want to appreciate her beauty and hotness, but she wasn’t even in Venera form for more than 2-3 minutes.
          The series deserved to flop. They should just stop making figure out of her as well, while at it, seein how they don’t care about loli fans in the first place. It’s disgusting that they still sell a figure of her in that outfit.

        • The hell is this? You guys serious? Man I thought at least people were being facetious about this, stop craving that shit in anime and go get a hentai or doujin or something. I want some damn character in these girls, she was hot BECAUSE it wasn’t forced. You idiots don’t even realize that you were teased in your imagination, and are shallow as shit because the series didn’t ‘put out.’

          Just deal with the fans drawing her getting plowed or whatever, let the series have some taste. It didn’t need it to accomplish its goal or be entertaining.