Korg Unleashes K-ON! Keytar


Esteemed instrument maker Korg has lent a hand in celebrating K-ON!’s seemingly endless 5th anniversary by revealing a new Keytar inspired by the anime’s fuzzy-browed keyboardist Tsumugi Kotobuki.

The Keytar also comes with a strap and a stylized Houkago Tea Time bag, sure to give obsessed otaku an even larger incentive to empty their wallets – the instrument however is limited edition with only a mere 300 available for purchase, so those interested may wish to act fast lest they be reduced to buying the inevitable online auction supply at vast markups.



Inexperienced musicians can steadily hone their skills thanks to the inclusion of over 20 K-ON! songs including Happy!? Sorry!!, Cagayake!GIRLS and Don’t Say Lazy!

The Keytar will arrive in late December; those strapped for cash may wish to invest in a similarly themed credit card to fund the purchase…

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