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    • The manga is Slow, as it’s a monthly manga. The anime besides being aired weekly takes 2-3 chapters per episode. Also one arc is changed, and one Arc is omitted completely.

      Added the probability that they don’t even plan another season.

    • I am sick of this show. It is heading towards a horrible bad ending.. I hate shows with bad endings! Evil wins.. good loses.. screw you!

      Good guy kills single bad guy but 3-4 more bad guys replace the 1 bad guy..

      The characters do not even make you care for them and the bad guys are just plain stupid.. I know we are doing bad but I will continue to do bad how fucked up is this Empire!

      Oh Justice! We are justice kill everyone! Oh and let’s try to make the viewers like the characters by showing they have a family and all that..

      This is horrible horrible writing and drama so over done that even if powers like that were real the characters do not feel alive at all! Just emotionless puppets!

      The only character that really showed any emotion and fought with real intelligence was the one girl with the disguise ability! Than the sick demented horrible author kills her off and lets the bad girl survive!

      Another sick demented horrible author that writes stories like Stephen King and Harry Potter! This show sucks.

      • WHAAAAA – Why does there have to be such ‘Dramatic Losses’ in my Anime!! WHAAAAA! They make me care then hurt my feelings.

        You sound like a fuckin’ baby! Clearly you never saw “Game of Thrones” or “The Walking Dead” (or “Lost”?)- Characters DIE!! This is an AMAZING Series! You really feel on the edge of your seat not knowing if a lead could die in battle in ANY episode. It’s REAL.

        “Gantz” a few years ago was similar (and the manga was worse I recall). “Bleach” kills people off from time to time. “Black Lagoon” was pretty gritty.

        You’re a little bitch if you just want happy endings every arc. I’ll be honest, the 1st thing I did was to make sure Mein was STILL Alive (can’t kill the Otaku bait) but even if she dies- it doesn’t change how awesome and intense this show is getting.

        You were a Dumbledore-fag weren’t you? or One of those Tonks&Lupin shippers? You clearly can’t handle it when a creator kills “your friends”- The creator giveth & creator taketh away. Even NOW, JK Rowling admits it Harry should’ve ended up w/ Hermione & I think mentioned that “Maybe she should not have have said Dumbledore was gay”- but she never actually wrote it in so if you didn’t know- Now you do….Is the character ruined? Does this make his sacrifice & Snapes role any less powerful?

        I am NOT a fan of “Depression Porn” and I see your point that we want to see Heroes win but sometimes the story takes a darker turn- it’s not over. But if anything it makes the dead characters far more compelling & memorable than just cookie-cutter heroes.

        Don’t watch if you can’t handle adult themed tales. The Anime never lied- they are killers in a bad place who could die in any fight- what part of this isn’t clear?

      • Damn… I wish I could give you a preteen girl to rape but its been almost 12 years since I did that shit. Take a chill pill and masturbate to some bruised knees Russian child porn or something.

    • In the manga it happened very differently. Tatsume and Rabac (or Lubbock) were captured by Syura and tortured. Raba was beaten, whipped, and had a testicle crushed. Then when it appeared Raba was about to betray night raid, he managed to get close to Syura and break his neck. Raba tried to escape from there, but unfortunately didn’t make it very far before getting cut in half, but also manages to destroy Syura’s teleportation teigu in the process. Truly an epic death.

        • Quoting the post above

          “Episode constraints, anime catching up to the manga, lack of material…”

          -Besides only getting 24 episodes, it seems that the main reason is they don’t have plans to even and try to continue the story. So they want to end it with 24 episodes.

          This is why mangas shouldn’t get an adaptation when it’s still so early.

          These kinds always ends up in a dilemma:
          -Padding the anime with Fillers, with the hope that sales will result in a new season
          -Go for an original ending, because of the lack of confidence on waiting for new material.

  • Oh No! FullMetal Alchemist Syndrome again!
    I think I’ll wait for “Akame ga Kill: Brotherhood”.
    Akame ga kill manga has a very good storyline, so… What’s the point of ignoring the original storyline, skipping complete arcs, and end screwing up the anime with finale wroten by trained monkeys?

    • No. Akame ga Kill is not inspired by Game of Thrones or any western shit. It’s actually inspired by the Jidaigeki series named “Hissatsu”. Read up Takahiro’s postscript in the latest extra chapter of the manga.

      Seriously, all this shit about Akame ga Kill being inspired by some pathetic western show needs to be stopped. The author himself has spoken the truth.


      • You need to stop being serious and putting out an essay someone says what you don’t like to hear. The joke on the matter why GoT was brought up by Lord_Mew is that because in GoT someone always dies. That’s it. Seriously, what kind of uncultured crap are you that you don’t know a running gag when you see one.

        • I guess you felt offended when I referred Game of Thrones into some ‘western shit’. Oh well.

          And anyone who’s comparing Akame ga Kill to Game of Thrones really needs to stop.

          Akame ga Kill simply shows us how bitter a revolution and war could get. Anyone could die whether you’re on the good or on the bad side. Remember when Bulat said something in the earlier episodes that ‘anyone who joins Night Raid could be killed anytime’. And shit started to happen with Sheele’s death.

          Anyone who’s not expecting a death in a series set in an era where war and killing is a commonplace is an idiot.

  • Such an obvious Death Flag Moment. Good Job.

    -What are you gonna do after this war is over?
    -I will open a shop and propose to my love!

    You had it comming. It bring bad luck, shouldn’t assasin be aware of this…

        • Who knows, since author or the production company saw that it was too much for network TV .. (or fear of censorship)
          One of the earlier comments mentioned the rape and murder of the family of Bor.
          In a way it is quite interesting that the anime take a different path, since the manga was well advanced, and made the predictable anime ..
          Well, maybe have a different ending also after all Some comments are already talking about of a happy ending in the manga …… ๐Ÿ˜›

        • Borick’s Assassination completely changed, the attack went down differently and the whole battle didn’t occur. Instead he just vanished sometime and was killed. After that, the complete Wild Hunt Arc is pretty much missing. In episode 20, Shura is “introduced” (even though he appeared before) and dies in that episode, Mine and Tatsumi have’t even kissed yet (on screen at least), Susanoo is alive as well as Run (since the Wild Hund Arc didn’t occur).

          Basically, the anime is now pretty much at the same spot were the manga is, just that the last 10-15+ chapters never happend.

  • I’m so pissed they skipped the battle at the church. Anime was going so well till ep 20. Can’t believe the Artist and writer approved of this.


    Fucking Esdeath was supposed to freeze time…FUCKING FREEZE TIME. That scene would have been so cool in the anime. Then she goes fucking crazy on everybody.