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Why do people like Kirito so much? There’s nothing to him. I still, for the life of me, can’t even figure out if he has an actual personality.

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  • WataMote Disgusting Voyeurism Anime:
    From wikipedia: “The ending theme for episode six is “Natsu Matsuri” (夏祭り Summer Festival) by Utsu-P & Minatsukitoka, featuring vocals by Hatsune Miku.” So it kinda IS a Miku ending.

  • Free “Keeps Getting Better!”:
    Does everyone here only watch anime for the cute girls? As a straight male, I rather like this show. It’s such a refreshing change of pace from the usual “cute girls doing cute things” anime. Plus, as a guy, I find the characters a lot easier to relate to. As for all the fanservice. Who cares? Guys get fanservice by the ton each and every season, so why is it such a travesty that there’s show giving the girls a little treat? Besides, as far as fanservice standards go, this is pretty tame.

  • Photo Kano Snaps Pussy:
    Is it me, or did the animation budget for this episode plummet?

  • Moebyou Ends Well: “Better Than We Could’ve Hoped For!”:
    I was kind of hoping Rikka’s sister and family would get told off for being fucking selfish in the last third of the series. Only thinking about what would be easiest for them to cope with instead of Rikka’s own happiness. It’s her damn mom’s fault she resorted to behaving like she did in the first place.

  • Men’s Fav Female Parts: “Boob-Lovers are Infantile Morons!”:
    I’m a bare shoulder man myself. Honestly I thought there would be enough like me to warrant a “bare shoulder” analysis but I GUESS NOT.


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