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Yeah the last DBZ movie where the villain just wanted a good fight was a great movie. So what kind of wish could be so horrible they need to make a plot movie about it? Wishing Goku evil? or maybe never born?

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  • Nier: Automata Team Want Sequel:
    Played it on PC thinking it would be a bad port. Weirdly enough No issues. A prequel or sequel would be awesome, only if it had like 3-5 endings like the last one :)

  • Centaur no Nayami Full of Precious Girls:
    So far this episode has been the better of the three. And sadly that’s only cause of the kids. OH well. Anyone else notice they talked about racism in the first two episodes and invented NEW racism just to say that kind of racism is bad? WEIRD

  • Marika Kouno Panchira Caught on Livestream:
    I do agree, but have ya seen the sides on this website lately?

  • 83% of US Likes Japan: “They Love Japan More Than Ever!”:
    Ok I see alot of people telling everyone what Americans want/love. But as an American I can honestly tell you all. We don’t care about anyone. We think about you all alot, and we LOVE all of you. We wish you all well, and are sorry to see when you have problems, and natural disasters. But we hate no one, hell we even want to be friends with Russia but fuck that leader guy hes nuts. We love your oil (cause our top 10 companies are insane rich white guys)if not for them we would be 100% solar, …

  • Mizuryuu Kei Land Ero-Anime PV Utterly Shameless:
    I really hope it comes out in English eventually.


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