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Nekomimi Survivor: “Your Cats Star in an RPG!”


Smartphone developer GeePlus have unveiled their Android/iOS game “Nekomimi Survivor“, an RPG where players can transform their own cats into a party of nekomimi girls to fight off the evil forces of the inumimi wanko – sure to be a hit amongst cat obsessed Japanese mobile phone users, virtually the entire population of Japan.

While the concept of leading a group of cute girls into battle is hardly original, Nekomimi Survivor offers the innovation of allowing players to take photos of real cats in order to artificially produce a nekomimi girl with unique stats for their party.

A trailer featuring some potential party members, and sadly devoid of feline-importation specifics (such as whether Scottish folds will in fact start at level 100):






The game will be available on Android mid-November, while iOS users will have to wait until December – preordering however will earn 5 precious fish that can be utilized to supercharge the player’s party.

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