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Love Live Otaku Celebrate Eli Ayase’s Birthday


Otaku are busily celebrating the cheerful birthday of yet another promising young idol, with Love Live’s blonde bomba Eli Ayase‘s special day being revered by way of the usual expedient of obsessive shrines decorated in unfathomable amounts of art – as well as the vitally important cake.



















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  • Just managed to finish Love Live. Loved every bit of it. The characters were fun and memorable and there were a great number of emotional scenes.

    …but why do I not feel that much attachment to the series? It seems to be doing everything well, but for some reason, I’m not latching on to the characters like I did with other SOL stuff. Is it just me becoming the thing I fear the most? A jaded anime fan???

    • I think the LoveLive! anime has established itself among the top notch of the Idol\SoL genre but as I always say to myself, or what I really want to transmit to those who only watched the anime is that not knowing about the group µ’s in itself is a complete waste and loss of 50% (if not more) of what the LoveLive! license is what is really made of.

      That’s why I don’t like it when I read LoveLive! is an anime this and anime that…

      Because all began way back in around Summer 2010 with a full-fledged Idol group and the release of their first debut single + the animated PV (by Sunrise) of the song from the group which was “Bokura no LIVE Kimi to no LIFE” and was then remade and performed in episode 8 of the first season if you remember correctly (where Honoka and the others finally convince Eli to join them as part of µ’s meaning their debut as a whole now in full party). Hence we got “Snow Halation” the song performed in episode 9 of the second season which was originally the second single of the group released during christmas season of 2010. With no doubt one the most famous song of the group.

      So wet get that: 1st single > 1st Season = 2nd single > 2nd Season, things were hinted throughout the series if the remake of Snow Halation was going to appear even though fans weren’t really sure but strongly believed in it nonetheless, they got it and that was nearly godlike). In fact the series is really packed with lots of references that only core fans are able to appreciate and so justifies my sentence about how you can miss some interesting point which can make the anime more deep than what you can think.

      A last one for exemple, in the following episode (S2-E10) where Honoka and the others are trying to come up with a good catchphrase to best represent µ’s as it is. In conclusion the catchphrase they chosed was in fact the one that was used from the very beginning of the project LoveLive! (minor spoiler: as a fan since their debut i’m sure you would somewhat be fraughtened with emotions knowing that… of course it’s only a few of those fan “service” that can be seen. Really Sunrise has done a great job adapting the story of the group in an anime, truly the Gundam of Idol anime 😀

      All this is getting quite long, I could honnestly write a lot about LoveLive! and I realized I didn’t once talked about each one of the members which compose µ’s who are all some really talented young women and without what LoveLive! couldn’t be what it is if not for each of them, but i’m gonna stop here. 🙂

      Anyway I’m a Rin fan.

    • It could be that there were just too many characters for any one of them to stand out for your attention. With nine great characters, the odds of any one of them gaining your emotional attachment is less.