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Oculus Rift Boob-Groping Simulator: “It’s Not Dead After All!”



Despite the drubbing Oculus Rift has earned itself for having sold out to FaceBook, a slew of dedicated designers have refused to give up on it (or at least have nowhere better to turn yet) – with one such developer creating an interactive breast-groping simulator featuring haptic breast controllers for maximum interactivity, a long desired invention that for many may yet be the Rift’s killer app.

A video of the simulator in action utilizing Pink Pineapple’s highly coveted mouse pad:







Critics have already been lambasting what is sure to be a mega-market as an unacceptable perversion of the device’s true raison d’être of allowing simulated mass murder in ever greater fidelity.

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  • I really like your blog.. very nice colors &amp theme. Did you make this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you? Plz respond as I’m looking to construct my own blog and would like to know where u got this from. thank you kaddeffkeekfdddk

    • Is it really a shock that some people want sex “that badly”? Mos people would say that sex is an awesome thing that most people want, and there’s bound to be a lot of people who don’t find success there. What do you expect them to do? It’s called “the alternative”. So much judging, ugh. Besides, It’s obvious that’s not all he uses his tech for.

  • Now!! the only step that is need to be done would be with a complete real life sex doll turn into a controller!! with the Oculus Rift for visual fidelity!!!
    Now we could really literally fuck Hatsune Miku!! or any other fictional character!!
    That the real future of gaming of Ero-game!!!

    • More inevitable than you think. What products exist nowadays that didn’t have an adult or military use before it became innocent?

      It’s like any person joining a religion; they improve themselves after reaching full corruption (or a so-called ‘rock bottom’), and want to look good in front of their “Holier-than-thou” peers when they grow older, so they’re not looked upon as such parasites of perversion and such in their younger days. When will the human race finally grow the fuck up, and get over everything, and be themselves without shame?

      Everything’s a goddamned popularity contest to the point, fuck it; being alone, by choice, is the way to go. Fuck everyone else. Why does their opinion matter? Why must I seek the approval of people that will treat me like shit anyway?

  • what is it with otaku and being literally incapable of imagining their 2D waifus -wanting- them? They’ve deliberately programmed the girl to react unfavourably to having her boob grabbed, making it look more like some kind of sexual assault simulator. Add that to the fact that 90% of porno doujins and H-anime seem to feature rape, there’s seems to be some real problems with the average otaku and how they imagine things.
    I mean, its your imaginations, guys. Why are you incapable of even -imagining- a woman wanting you? Is the idea of a woman actually wanting intimate contact so repellent?

    • It’s a quirk of Japanese culture really. The ideal of a perfect women is demure and submissive, but she can’t enjoy sex because that makes her a dirty whore. Maybe that last part is the result of Western puritanical influence, but it’s there all the same, this idea that any woman worth having has to be shameful of her sexuality.

    • I think you’re misinterpreting it.

      They’re acting cute, not necessarily like they don’t want to be touched.

      Not everyone likes the “mmm, that feels nice. What are you gonna do now, big man? (wink wink)” pornstar behavior.

    • I’ve noticed the same type of thing when looking at all the dakimakura covers that get made. I only rarely see one where the character doesn’t appear embarrassed or dismayed, and the ones where the character is outright crying is just too creepy for words. How about one where the character is, oh hell I don’t know, *smiling*.

      • I mentioned a lot about this in the comment section for when that otaku won first place with his wall scroll “Winning the 400m, Otaku Style: “True Showboating””. I hate how when I go to conventions I can’t find a single appealing dakimakura. They’re all popular recent moe girls and lolis/teenagers, pure innocent tsundere virgins who are fearful of their first time because every dick is too big and will make them cry. They’re also too embarrassed and creeped out to be seen by lustful eyes. For some reason a creeped out expression is appealing to some people..? I’d be fine with it all if there was better variety and, you know, something for people like me, with boring old “normal” tastes in things like smiles.

        • @06:11 – I was almost excited to check out that hentai you mentioned until I found it and the first thing I saw was a loli. Nope, finding something that isn’t controversial is still next to impossible in hentai. But hey, at least her partner is around her age instead of her older brother (or if that’s not bad enough, father or teacher or some other adult bastard) who should know better. As for a new name for that “fetish”, how about “love fetish”? It’s almost too silly to think that love should be considered a fetish, but in hentai it might as well be considered a taboo. I have actually found some hentai with characters who love each other in them, AND the female is an adult, but the catch is that it’s incest hentai. Yeah, if you want to find love hentai, your chances are better off getting into incest, sadly.

        • I think we need a new term to define this.

          Vanilla is used to define a consensual relationship but not necessarily one where both partners are willing and in the wide majority of cases it is actually a relationship where one partner is persuaded(by various methods) to accept.
          As such Vanilla isn’t a strong enough term to define this.

          Here is a hentai manga I think illustrates this concept better than most vanilla hentais: “Cooking Practice For Two”.

          To this date it is the only one I have found where the characters are so synchronized in attempting to push forward and have a new experience. And this says something about the sorry state of hentais and the tropes used most frequently.

          Should I reply further,

    • THIS X a million^^^!! You friggen just read my mind, what I was literally just thinking a few minutes ago. I thought I’d be alone in thinking that. I mean, in real life, if you go after children or rape women, or basically any unwilling person who isn’t interested in having sex with you, it’s actually a weak, easy, cowardly, and cheap way of getting your dick into another human’s hole (among the many other bad things you could say about such acts). I pretty much see it as using a person as a tool for masturbation, like a onahole. Literally turning them into objects used to satisfy your selfish lusts. It’s about a fantasy of power and control, not about just satisfying sexual urges at all.

      Having sex with someone who wants you willingly is, in part, a reward for your all your efforts of being able to woo someone… of making yourself desirable. In my fantasies I want to be someone who is amazing, a hero or a great lover, someone who gets seemingly “unattainable” super women trying to seduce him. I’d prefer that oppaipad to have a “slutty” face, because a “slutty” woman isn’t a “slut” if she’s only being that way for you. I want to be (or I want the male character to be) someone who I can respect in my mind and deserves respect from women who I would respect. I don’t just want to fantasize sex, I want to fantasize being loved. I want to be held tightly to someone’s heart, to at least pretend I am understood and cared for. I’m just shocked that having thoughts like this puts me in a minority… I guess it’s the same case as when given a choice in a game to be good or evil, most people would be evil (although I like to think that if such a game was more successful at immersion and emotion then that wouldn’t be the case).

      Everyone says that I should be fine with liking lolis as long as they’re 2d because they’re not real, but I can’t bring myself to do something in fiction/imagination if I would find it wrong to do in real life. All of my fetishes are actually “safe”, because even my weirdest ones in 2D would be just strange or taboo in real life, not totally wrong or evil. I can’t wrap my mind around there being so many people being ok with having such dark fantasies. Such fantasies should be the exception in anime/manga, not the rule. As long as it’s the other way around I simply cannot maintain enough faith in the humanity of most fellow anime/manga fans. I’ll always feel alienated to some extent among them. That feeling comes across strongest around here, places like this site, or at conventions, seeing all the loli/moe images and merchandise everywhere. Anyways, I better stop now, I can feel myself getting downvoted to hell already…

      • hm i think the game ‘most people would choose to be evil’ might have more to do with the fact that in games being good is the default, and I would probably choose to be evil out of curiosity to see what happens and for the sake of doing something different. But I understand what you mean.

        I’m not a giant prude or anything I just dont know why its so hard for otaku to imagine their waifu enjoying themselves without being all ‘omg shes a slut unless its non-consensual’.

        • @15:39 – I’ll be the first to speak up about how fucked up Japanese society can be, but giving in to such sordid fantasies is weak. And I guess every male (or fine, even most) Japanese viewers of hentai not only have female bosses but those bosses and also their wives are females under 18, eh?

        • You still trying to apply western standarts to eastern made games, without even studying the culture that you condem so much right now.

          Most Japanese Man i met, are either corporate slaves that get bossed around day in and day out, while being commanded at home by their wife too.

          There are mutliple Ways to relaxe after work, but for some its, to divulge into fantasies of controlling/enslaving others.
          Its not about the “I wish i could do this in reallife!” but more like “Serves you right damn Slut!, always treating me badly at work!”

          So for many its just a fantasy to relieve stress, not something they always wanted to do in their life…

        • Think of GTA though, how is good the “default” there? They give you a car, they give you a road with pedestrians on it, and they give you the choice to hit them or not. You can get through the game without ever hitting them, yet most people do. I actually think a few years ago SC themselves reported on a strange case where a dad let his 6 year old play GTA and observed what he did… and apparently he was actually trying to obey traffic laws in the game and freaked out if he hit anyone or anything! He said sorry desperately if he hit a pedestrian. Really makes you wonder…

        • Completely agree. It’s so unfortunate that, with the way things are, that it’s approriate for you to fee feel you need to mention you’re not being “prudish” by what you say, that you’d think more people would like their waifus to be consensual towards them. I really have to wonder why it seems most hentai fans are so fucked up…

    • That’s cuz it’s the only one of it’s kind, the “world’s first life-sized oppai mousepad”. Too bad it looks like it’s still the only kind that exists. The first life-sized oppai mousepad just has to be of a loli-like character that literally has a baby-face complete with childish twintails but the boobs of an adult female gravure model. Not to mention that non-consensual, uncomfortable look on her face. My feelings about Japanese culture will always be heavily mixed… it’s like using fireworks to make a picture of shit in the sky, or making a delicious-looking “chocolate cake” that’s 100% made out of dirt and mud. So much talent wasted. I shudder at the idea of what the first line of sexbots might look like. The top 10 of the top 10 selling sexbot on the leading sexbot site are gonna look like 10 year olds of various boob sizes with the personality of every time being their first time and 100% submissive, complete with tears and whimpers. This is the real uninhibited tastes of the majority of the real world. All gratification with zero thought or heart, just shut down your mind like you’re watching Michael Bay films. Like you’re killing hookers and pedestrians in GTA. In the virtual world, it’s the darker, the better.

    • Can’t wait for Motoko Kusanagi and Tachikomas and dystopic cities dripping in cyberpunk where the sun is somehow mysteriously unnoticeable or practically absent for some unknown reason… you know, just to make things a little more interesting for once.

      • Is it possible to be bored of porn so much (probably after seeing so much of it; and borderline porn on cable TV), you actually get adult magazines for the articles?

        You’d be surprised. Some articles are actually well-written. Knowledge and well-provided information is like the new porn for me. I like learning; but I am shamed for it because I’m a nerd in that respect. Coming from perverted nerds, I don’t know whose in the sadder case. Me for taking interest in written information, and not getting laid for it; or the pervs that fap to the women in same magazines and such, and are equally not getting laid for it.

        Speaking of info-porn, any good resources, besides wikipedia and such?

        • @03:53 – Actually, I have playboys and have gone through them from front to back. Reading the articles, fapping to the pics, liking almost every page (tobacco ads aside). I HATE the idea that people who masturbate don’t have a brain. Just the other day I read an enlightening article about Bruce Lee in playboy. I also read about classic films (which I love to watch, especially anything with Henry Fonda in it) in an older Playboy. Those magazines are pieces of history, believe it or not. You could even call them Americana. Hugh Hefner was a maverick for his time and porn wasn’t the only lines he was pushing with Playboy, he gave a voice to people who would otherwise rarely get their words publicized. IMO, the worse enemy of porn is actually the people who view porn and their idiotic attitudes. Sometimes, especially after spending some time on the internet, I feel like “feminazis” who are against porn might have a point… but then I remember myself and the few people who I can respect.

  • Another example of the insane lengths guys have to go, just to touch some boobies. And then being called a degenerative pervert for doing so.

    Remember back in the old days when people accepted the fact that sexual interaction is a natural thing?

    • There’s always been lonely people throughout history. There has always been people who have lived and died alone. I just wish society wouldn’t simply mock such people. Everyone has their own ups and downs and their own reasons for being where they are in life and their path and why it became their path. Not everyone is so fortunate. Rather than kick someone while they’re down they should realize that they could be in the same position had their life not gone the way it had and should appreciate whatever good fortunes they have had. Now we’ve made strides to at least had a little happiness to the lives of less fortunate people, at least until they can find a real partner if that’s what they want. Everyone has their own ways of getting through the rough parts of life, and I say the more the better. More variety means more happy people. Do whatever you want in a safe and educated way and you will be fine. To oppose such freedoms is to be a bully.

    • As an artist about ten years ago I could say someone had a beautiful face and ask if I could draw them for a character or even get a front, side and diagonal of their face and even showed my sketchbook to show them I was serious, and my work may not be ‘professional’ level, but I’m pretty good. They would be at least a bit flattered, and I would offer to send them a copy too.

      Now it’s creepy without any reprieve. I can understand the general consideration of the trust involved in what I’m asking, but now there’s nobody who doesn’t look at me strangely about it. Maybe I should just go for broke and not give a shit next time and when they give me the inevitable ‘look’ just say “Oh not to worry, I already have an arsenal of beastiality with which to masturbate, your face wouldn’t fit in that degenerate collection.”

      By the time the confusion of whether or not that was an insult or a backhanded compliment sinks in I’ll already be gone.

    • Eternal virgin guys couldn’t reproduce back then so nobody gave two shits about them really. Nature and harsh societal structures made sure of that. Now they can just go and make a donation the nearest sperm back or jack off into a public pool and pollute the entire population with their inferior genes that are clearly not fit for reproduction.

      I’ve no prejudice against otaku or anime fans in general, but this way everybody knows the type I’m referring to – the people who are willing to go to ridiculous lengths just to squeeze some A-chan’s D-cup 3D melons in a motion-controlled video game.

      If this goes on uncontrolled, in the end the entire male population of Earth will be made of digital-boob-squeezing wimps and women will rule superior over them. And then we are truly fucked.

      • For all you consider the kid made it with great effort just for the tits is wrong. I am pretty sure he is making it for fun and as a joke. You guys who are not engineers may think this is difficult to make and time consuming. I can make this within a day ( 6 hrs max). You notice he got the arduino 2560? He probably didn’t order the MCU board just for this since only 2 pressure sensors are required and I doubt if he even need an ADC. He has it coz he used it for other projects which means he just simply pull out what he has in his home/ lab and quickly assembly this “tits-system”. I am pretty sure he did it with ease and minimum effort. As a conclusion, he didn’t go through any hardship to squeeze some fake tits. So there is no inferior people (and I doubt he is inferior comparing to most of us). The only inferior is those who do not understand technology, science and engineering and then make up crazy idea of who should and shouldn’t reproduce. I make weekend projects that blow things up.. yea then you are going to say I am wasting natural resources and I should kill myself… whatever guys, you are insane.

        • I don’t even understand why the “extent” someone goes to even matter or makes a difference to these haters. I would think that simply owning a rare oppai pad (or any kind of oppai pad) would be enough for people like that to think of this guy as a loser, nevermind his skills to make something like this (as if it’s the only thing he has or ever will apply his skills to). Forget it, if you have sexual urges and you aren’t in a relationship you’re somehow a loser if you ever try to relive your frustrations in any way (never mind what else you have ever done, you simply must be a bum and a loser). So many assholes out there…

      • I think the one with inferior gene is you sir. He probably make it not for the tits but for fun. Yes, you may argue he don’t need an arduino 2650 to program 2 flex sensor or whatever pressure sensor he is using but he did make something. I am sure if he wants pussies, he should be able to afford hiring prostitutes since he is able to afford the rift and the leap. This video is just about someone making fun and a joke using some engineering skills and all you guys just have to discuss who deserve or not deserve to life and reproduce… what the hell is wrong with you people?

      • Times change. The new superior humans in this day and age are those with brains, not necessarily good looks. Biological programming doesn’t change as fast, but we can see women flocking to rich guys already (even if they are ugly).
        Back then big guys with muscles were better at protecting the family from beasts and whatnot. But today you don’t have to do that. Today intelligence gets you the good job and money. What is considered inferior by the natural selection changes over time. The problem is that we don’t let the inferior genes die, like the mentally ill, brainless dumb people and lazy people. No we have to nurture criminals and, lazy parasites, so they won’t die on the streets and give them a chance to reproduction…

    • The mousepad idea is to be more inexpensive.
      didn’t you get it? plus mousepad you can use your favorite character and have another sizes.

      Is a great idea, you guys should stop being Troll Critic, and give positive comments once a while. Every day it passes internet is turning more and more into a stupid place with self-proclamed critics using their “own” knowledge that any person that at least went to school would have.

      • This mousepad isn’t inexpensive, I’m pretty sure. It’s probably one of the more expensive mousepads ever released. It’s the only one of it’s size and it sold out right away and they’ve never made more. It’s probably worth more on ebay than its original price was.

      • Money can’t buy love. A billion will just get you the same as you would get for less than $100 right now, just probably less used. Money will get you something to fuck, but if you want a good relationship you have to be someone who’s capable of EARNING money, someone who’s proved that they can get off their ass to do something to get what they want. Be worthy of respect. Also if you’re strictly into 2D, which shockingly is a growing although minute number of people among otakus, a million won’t get you want you want at all would it? Unless there’s a way to use a ton of cash to turn someone unto a 2D loli through surgery… but that would make you certifiably and justifiably a madman.

        • @09:22 – a $100 “slut” IS just a $100 fleshlight to most of society. No brain added. Do you think they even consider if she has a brain/heart or not? The more sexual you are, the less human you are. That’s the assumptions of the majority even if it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s a dark, sick, sad world we live in. And while androids could have artificial brains that will be more advanced than humans they won’t have genuine human feelings, and if they did they’d be no different from real human women so things would just be the way they are now for lonely otaku… who don’t even really care if their waifu responds to them, anyways.

          I wonder if androids will feel warm when you hug them…

        • THIS^ Honestly a $100 slut is just a Fleshlight with a brain & yet one can last a lot longer with proper maintenance. Now if you want to burn that dough on something, fund an android project, build it in the image of said loli, & make it a tsundere while you’re at it.

    • Who says this is the best they can come up with or all they can come up with? Why is this something to be ashamed of in the first place? You might as well say that masturbation is an unnatural and shameful thing to do when it’s been long proven that it isn’t. What you’re saying is like saying the creation of film has been wasted on pornography. There’s tons of non-perverted uses for Oculus Rift out there already. This is actually the first news I’ve personally read about oculus being used for something pervy since I first read about the device back when it was being crowdfunded. C’mon already people, we all know that this was coming eventually. This was inevitable.

    • Some one else is probably doing that at the same time. We can’t all do the same thing, you know. Business is also a thing, you know. VHS would have failed without the world’s army of “perverts”, and that’s just one example…

        • Then it’s not so much that we’re a sex-obsessed culture, rather than a holier-than-thou shame-based culture, then.

          What gives more pride to an individual, than shaming another one out of existence?

        • I don’t see what’s so unfortunate about it. If it was so unfortunate it wouldn’t have helped society as much as it has. A lot worse things sell than sex, and far more effectively too. Sex doesn’t sell absolutely, anyways. I’ve always disagreed with that statement. I’ve seen far too many things to count fail horribly simply because they contain sexual content at all, because half of the market would automatically make a negative assumption about it.