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Agency Sues Idols & Fans for Dating: “Idols = Slaves”



Two idols, the fans they dated and even their parents are all being sued by the group’s management for over 8 million yen in damages for “contract violation” and “betraying their fans,” soon prompting accusations of “slavery” and “human rights violations” against the agency in turn.

The agency managing the idol group in question, “Aoyamaβ˜†Sei HachaMecha High School” or “MechaHai” for short, took umbrage at the sudden departure of two members, 19-year-old Miho and 22-year-old Seina.

Their producer went so far as to publicly accuse them of “committing a serious contract violation – they were both dating fans” at an August event in Tokyo.

Even more shockingly, he then went on to name their partners and proclaim the agency would sue them, the two girls, and the parents of the girls for 8,230,000 yen in damages, providing the legal documents to the fans in attendance to prove it.





Their producer explained the logic behind suing all concerned for this egregious product violation:

“The parents of these two girls signed a contract stipulating ‘no romantic relationships with fans’ and ‘no abandonment of the workplace.’ They have betrayed the other members and all the fans, it is not something we can forgive.”

Predictably this scandal was itself rapidly taken up as another example of the scandalous excesses of the idol trade online:

“So, Idol = Slave, basically.”

“It had nothing to do with the fans – are these idols the property of their agency or what?”

“What is this, some yakuza brothel?”

“How can they sue fans for violating a contract they never agreed to…”

“I don’t see how these contracts can be legal. Isn’t banning romantic activity a fundamental human rights violation?”

“I can’t believe anyone would sign a contract like that.”

“It cannot be legal in any case.”

“This must constitute criminal intimidation at least.”

“I can’t believe any lawyer thinks they can win this case.”

“I expect these idiots just got themselves sued by the fans they outed.”

“‘Those two damaged our products!'”

“Looking at their pics you can find girls their level anywhere.”

“I think this is marketing via controversy again – nobody ever heard of this group, there is no way they can get cash out of the fans and could well get sued themselves for defamation, and the contract stipulation of no romance is probably illegal and unenforceable.”

“Actually quite clever really.”

“The agency was probably whoring the poor girls out to the fans but these guys got caught out somehow…”

“According to their wiki they formed in 2012 from Nico Live, have sold over 1,000 CDs, and in line with their name call their fans ‘teachers’ – god.”

“This must all part of some new scam.”

“Those fans just need their own lawyers and they have an easy win right there…”

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