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Winning the 400m, Otaku Style: “True Showboating”

fastest-otaku (1)

The “world’s fastest otaku” has been attracting much praise (and the usual revulsion) for his unique podium celebrations, bringing a new meaning to the term “showboating” by being joined by his favourite battleship girl…

Takaoki Hashimoto’s 50.72 second performance in the 400m finals secured his spot, although it seems was so confident of victory he brought his 2D companion along to celebrate:

fastest-otaku (2)

His distressing individuality. lack of humdrum modesty and general shamelessness about his otaku proclivities have all earned him plenty of detractors online – although he does at least have the satisfaction of perhaps being the first non-JK athlete to achieve any widespread notice online in the first place.

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