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New Ghost in the Shell Movie Due: “Pray It Is Not Arise!”


The release of the fourth and final installment of the disastrously ill-received Arise has been accompanied by news that Production IG plans a new Ghost in the Shell movie for 2015.

Production IG’s president says the 2015 movie will be a “challenging” celebration of the 25 years since the original manga was published and 20 since the first movie, but has left all other details – most crucially for fans the question of whether it will continue the Arise series or take place in the separate movie and SAC canons – for a future announcement.

The surly online response to the news suggests IG will have their work cut out for them rescuing the franchise from the legacy of Arise:

“Who cares.”

“Keep destroying that brand!”

“Doesn’t Masamune Shirow just spend all his time drawing ero-manga nowadays?”

“Just make a live action version and be done with it.”

“At least this new one will sell well overseas I guess.”

“I guess this will be a sequel to Innocence?”

“More Arise I fear…”

“Please no more Arise!”

“That cheap character design from Arise has to go.”

“A Mamoru Oshii sequel to Innocence is about the only thing I’d be prepared to watch now.”

“I don’t think they can top the CG and traditional animation style of Innocence this time.”

“SAC was the best. The right balance and a plot you could actually understand. Arise should have at least had a Motoko who was as cheerful as she was in the original manga.”

“SAC or Oshii please. No more shoddy Arise rubbish.”

“It all depends on the character design, Motoko seiyuu and director this time around.”

“If Motoko is a complete full-body cyborg, why should we care about the design of her body or what voice she uses?”

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