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Pink Female Prison “To Reduce Inmate Oppression”

pink-female-prison (1)

Japan’s newest female prison is to be painted pink to reduce any feelings of “oppression” its inmates might suffer during their unfortunate period of incarceration, prompting accusations of sexual discrimination against men.

In order to reduce staggering overcrowding in Japan’s female prisons, where 7 facilities designed to hold 3342 inmates are packed with 3440 prisoners and a shocking 2.9% overcapacity forces some women to share cells, Shikoku has received its first female-only prison.

pink-female-prison (2)

Matsuyama Prison, in Ehime prefecture, has been converted into a women-only prison capable of holding as many as 83 inmates, and aside from the installation of nursing facilities and a gynecology unit features a unique innovation – cells and shared facilities have had walls and doors repainted from white to pink “in order to ease the feelings of oppression of inmates.”

The decision has aroused some umbrage online – although this being Japan few seem to have picked up on the patronising assumption that women are better off in pink environments in the first place:

“Good to see them keeping the comfort of female prisoners foremost in mind.”

“Isn’t the whole point of a prison to oppress its inmates?”

“So it is OK to oppress male inmates, but not female ones? Inmates are inmates, surely?”

“Sexual discrimination, plain and simple.”

“Aiming for a comfortable venue for returning offenders I see.”

“Great use of over a hundred million yen of our taxes there.”

“Lace curtains, when?”

“Expect the beauty salon and manicurists soon.”

“Just how soft is our society on women?”

“Their own gynecology unit, marvelous.”

“This country is amazing – preferential treatment even for female criminals now is it?”

“Who ever heard of a pink door?”

“I would think white is actually less oppressive than pink…”

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