Sword Art Online 2 Rests Up




Sword Art Online 2 has once again returned to the real world for a temporary respite from all the bloody bullet action, providing more moving character development and emotional drive for its cast as they are eased back into the game and the next bout of Asuna peril.









































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  • The people complaining about the pace are the same reason they cut a lot of stuff from the first 2 arcs to get to the good stuff quicker.

    Who would have preferred to see the Laughing Coffin raid during the first arc like it was meant to be? One example of many that were cut.

    Who would have preferred to see how they set up the Caliber arc in the Alfheim arc? Yep another thing cut that will be shown in a flashback, a positive being that Klein will be back.

    • I’d have preferred never to have seen the flashback with the rabid lemmings. It actually lowered my opinion of the show. The sort of cowardly bullies who get off on sticking it to other people would simply abandon their base and get revenge by ambushing their enemies when the odds heavily favored them. Except that another dumb plot device was required to explain why Kirito isn’t bothered about all the folks who died because they trusted him.

  • Not sure why people keep calling this a harem series.

    Kirito picked Asuna. Moreover, he banged Asuna. His choice is made and he’s clearly sticking to it, and somehow I don’t see Asuna letting some other lady grab his dick, whether it’s his cousin or the loli or some sniper girl.

    • Exactly, Kirito isn’t swayed at all by other girls so it’s not a harem anime. Also, there were no other love interests at any point in the series. Calling it a harem anime suggests there are girls to choose from. He made his choice VERY early on and never questioned it.

    • Because the plot constantly shoves him into intimate position with other girls in every scene Asuna is not around, and because even when Kirito himself is not around, 70% of the girls’ conversational topic is talking about Kirito.

  • Hate me if you will, but I honestly believe that SAO is a lot better than SnK/AoT. It’s either the overrated Gary Stu gimmick, or overrated Giants gimmick. Both are pretty much the same in terms of Gary Stu though what with Levi and Titan Eren. Only Kirito is like Levi and Titan Eren combined, creating a type of synonimity in the Gary Stu levels of both. Holy fuck, imagine a crossover…Gary Stu Power Levels: over 9000.

    • Blazenwhiper says:

      Combining Eren and levi is basically like subtracting. Eren, while having a large portion of the plot revolving around him, for the most part does very little if anything while all his friends are constantly in the spot light.

      Kirito is basically the definition of gary stu, a Wish fulfillment character that has everything pushed into his favor. In SAO (season 1) Kirito overleveled to the point that every single player was fodder to him, and he could take on a few floor bosses by himself. He also was given the ability of duel wielding by the creator himself for the sole purpose of fighting the creator. Which makes absolutely no sense.

      At the moment Kirito doesn’t have much of a personality. He’s like brian from family guy, a mouth piece for the shows creator.
      I’ve heard that later on kirito actually has trouble in a future arc but as of right now, All kirito is to me is a very flat character that doesn’t have to struggle for anything.

      Of course i’m only stating what i think on this matter. you are free to like whatever you like.

    • Kirito’s the only one that matters.
      In a harem anime, the MC is the only guy that matters and attracts chicks. Every other guy is either the bad guy, his guy friend (who doesn’t matter), or dudes that are “there” to decorate the backgrounds but pose no threat to the harem and its lead. But who cares about that, since the harem only has eyes for its goshujin-sama.
      Harem’s nothing new, I thought everyone had it figured this out by now.

      As for the “other guy”? Meh. That’s pretty much it.

    • I know! I was wondering where is the good of this series that spawn kiri-clones in RPG. I watched the first season and it got good fast until the crappy ending came along and ruin things.

      • the first one is good until the filler episodes and romance subplot, which happens to be episode 4-beyond.

        It also fails both with characterization and story telling.

        It started as something dark and endearing. Something that unique, bearing both the captivating beauty of a fantasy world and the dark sinister nature of game, but ended up something generic.

        The transition of episode to episode does not point to a specific story line, it’s going nowhere. It is also filled with filler episodes with different unimportant “souless” characters that doesn’t really have use for the story at all.

        There is that forced romance and their marriage-honeymoon subplot that only “malexfemale” panderers would like. Did the author really think of romance as that, it was like something a teenaged girl would write.

        Also, that ending(both arc) that can just pop up anywhere since there is no real storyline flow and concludes really nothing as to why “houin kyoma” trapped them in the game in first place. what about the political subplot in alo. Why bother mentioning that “strategic-genius” brother of red-phasing-sword guy if he has no role whatsoever.

        Kirito being powerful is not really that bad of a thing. He is good in games and that’s good enough for me. What he defies the in-story logic. He gives me the same vibe as “friendship-power” where he overcomes obstacles but summoning one thing from another.

        again, the “souless” characters.

        SAO never truly explores the possibilities. It could go way beyond what other series have done but instead, they give us fishing, playing around, honeymoons, cooking, flirting with different girls, and throwing subplots that could have dealt with such as the PK group, the political subplot, unification of races to breach “that” tree.

  • Just finished ALO saga today. I have no qualms with the plot… It’s just that Kirito is way too perfect to relate to. If only they write his character off as a effort+brain-type protag instead of pure int+trick-type. Imagine Guts taking Kirito’s place and wiped the floor with Oberon; now that’s epic.