JC Busts PC with LINE Sex


Cops have arrested a cop after his LINE tryst with a JC was apparently reported to them by the girl herself.

Chiba police arrested a 42-year-old Chiba police sergeant for engaging in lascivious acts with a minor.

According to police, he used an unidentified smartphone app to become acquainted with a middle schooler over ubiquitous Japanese/Korean messaging app LINE, and matters progressed to an encounter.

This saw the girl joining him in his car whilst parked on the street, where he “touched her body.”

Later that month the girl sought “advice” from prefectural police and the officer’s details soon came to light.

The officer himself admits the charges. Chiba police have expressed “our regret that a police officer was arrested,” and promised he will be dealt with.

Reportedly, he did however at least restrict his activities to off-duty hours.

The reports are silent as to why a schoolgirl would use the Internet to arrange a meeting with middle-aged man one evening and then get in his car, although the expected explanation would be that she was expecting remuneration for a sexual encounter.

As usual with enjo kousai cases, what gets left out of the reports tends to attract as much attention as the reports themselves:

“Make no mistake, he’ll be hung out to dry for this. Maybe even a 10% pay cut for 3 months if they want to make an example of him.”

“Indecent acts is too vague, and just a euphemism. We want details, details!”

“Indecent acts = consensual sex.”

“They’ll just drop the charges later when nobody is paying attention.”

“Why would she go to police to get herself into trouble like this? I suppose she got busted for something else and he came up when they went through her phone.”

“Only two reasons people get caught for this stuff:
1. They don’t pay and get reported.
2. They pay too much and the parents notice their kid splurging and report it.”

“Our taxes hard at work as always.”

“Our cops do love their whores and pachinko.”

“They need to actually criminalise the supply side if they expect to make progress here.”

“Amazing people do this stuff over LINE considering how easy they make it for the authorities.”

“Lure her out on LINE, make a pretence of being an officer taking her into protective custody, and then do a body search to get her clothes off?”

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