SNK: “Square Enix = Criminals”


Police raids on Square Enix have been followed up by furious excoriation by SNK Playmore, condemning them for “major criminality,” “completely insincere conduct,” and “pernicious conduct” by way of explanation – and confirming that the company is so adamant that certain Square Enix executives should be arrested that it has targeted them individually with criminal charges.

With distribution of Square Enix published manga Highscore Girl now largely suspended over the apparently unauthorised inclusion of SNK characters and police having raided their offices in search of evidence, SNK Playmore has let rip on them in a series of published statements.

The first SNK ever even heard of the matter was when the anime adaptation was confirmed and the studio responsible approached SNK themselves directly in order to confirm the rights last summer, they say.

They set about rectifying matters immediately, but got nowhere and eventually sought to have charges filed against Square Enix in May of 2014.

Having made the incredibly modest demand that Square universally cease all of their “highly illegal” publication and distribution of Highscore Girl, they were repeatedly ignored:

“There was not a shred of sincere conduct from them.

There is no way we could possibly countenance this kind of pernicious conduct from a major listed company, who should themselves be very much concerned with protecting copyrights and taking a firm stance against this sort of activity.

Our firm will take similarly severe measures to protect our games and characters from infringing usage in future.”

The “unavoidable” criminal charges of copyright violation were in fact filed against not only Square Enix the company, but also individual members of their publishing arm, raising the rare prospect of their employees actually being arrested.

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