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JK Beheads Classmate, Posts Pics on 2ch


Police have arrested a 15-year-old girl who beheaded a classmate and cut off her hand, apparently posting a series of grisly pictures on 2ch in between browsing other threads and trying to clean up all the blood.


A 15-year-old Nagasaki prefecture girl in the first year of high school stands accused of killing a 16-year-old girl in her class for reasons as yet unknown.

The killing apparently took place outside her home, when she repeatedly bludgeoned her victim in the back of the head with a blunt object between ten and twenty times and then used a cord to garrote her.

She then used various tools to sever the girl’s head, and cut off her left hand for good measure.

Her victim had told her family she was going to a friend’s house, and by 6:40PM mailed her mother to tell her she “would be back by 7” – but she did not return.

Her parents reported her missing at 11PM, and by 3AM that night police discovered her mutilated remains at the killer’s residence lying on a bed. Police report the cause of death as blood loss from her numerous head wounds.

Police arrested the girl for murder; she admits the crime, saying “I did it all by myself.”


She also apparently (though officially unconfirmed) anonymously posted a series of bloody pictures to 2ch’s VIP board a few hours after the killing, with the thread title “[Discretion Advised] I Just Killed Them But…” and a first post saying “There’s not much bleeding, what should I do…”

Other increasingly disturbed and nonsensical posts from the apparent killer – along with a series of grisly pictures – followed:

“It’s no good, I wipe and wipe but there’s still blood flowing everywhere.”

“It got cold but won’t warm up when I try to warm it. It’s in the bath now. What colour do you the brains are?”

“I’ll pickle the brain and spinal cord and take care of them forever!”

The pictures, as graphic and disturbing as they may be:









However, as another anonymous post with the same ID made only 30 minutes after the thread appeared in a completely unrelated thread about “how ugly most people are” and appeared completely unaffected (“How can you be casually browsing 2ch after you just killed someone!?”), there were some concerns about possible trolling – although with the girl’s disappearance at this time not even reported this would be the most impeccable timing possible.

Schoolmates have variously called her “exceedingly smart and special” but “emotional” and one student even shares that “she always referred to herself with the first person pronoun ‘boku’,” whilst the school has readied counsellors and made the painfully redundant pledge to better instill an appreciation of the value of human life in its students, though so far absolutely no hint as to her motive has emerged – other than a remark from a classmate that “in elementary school people put things in her school lunch.”

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