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AKB JK Cage Rape “Too Much For Golden Time”




AKB48 national idol Yuria Kizaki’s appearance as a schoolgirl sex slave locked in a cage and clad only in her underwear on prime-time evening TV has been attracting much controversy, even amongst her fans it would seem.

Yuria Kizaki – who, it has been pointed out, at 18 is technically a minor, plays a schoolgirl, and herself may still be in high school – appeared in Fuji TV’s popular drama GTO playing a schoolgirl who ends up forced into sexual servitude, with the girl eventually winding up caged in only her bra, her further abuse to be streamed online.






The scene:

This all rapidly garnered much attention online itself, with a substantial contingent delighted at the chance to finally see one of their favourite idols stripped and locked in a cage, but others left wondering who such mature subject matter could be suitable mainstream viewing and what became of the group’s much vaunted youth and innocence along the way:

“The confinement scene crossed over from be sexy to just plain creepy!”

“With kidnap and confinement cases happening so much of late, this is a bit much.”

“Not interested unless she is nude.”

“Look, 10PM is not golden time. This is prime-time stuff!”

“What is wrong with you guys?

You: ‘TV is boring with all the censorship!’

TV: ‘OK, here is a rape scene with a minor!’

You: ‘What’s wrong with you!'”

“Rubbish. It is all the talent shows which ruined TV, these scenes are not related to that.”

“Not like she is attractive, so who cares what happens to her!”

“Just don’t watch it if you are bothered by it!”

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