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Hatsune Miku Graces Phantasy Star Online 2


In celebration of the 5th anniversary of the Project Diva series, SEGA is hosting a live concert featuring Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka in the unusual (if not unprecedented) venue of Phantasy Star Online 2, which whilst good news for PSO players may sadden Western fans who are reminded they are still waiting for the game to come west…

The two Vocaloids will sing a duet of Phantasy Star Portable 2 theme song, “Living Universe,” in the Arks Lobby this July 23, and players will receive a rare drop boost among other benefits that will last 2 hours after the event ends.



In the mean time, there is currently an event called Electronic Diva Scratch where players earn Vocaloid accessories through a lottery to accessorise their avatars:













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  • Anonymous says:

    well, the game is good even though some classes are broken. still, 99 out of 100 of people who complain the game’s too easy are those with zero fighting skills but “always” use top-tier equipments along with broken classes and believe their fighting skills are god-liked lol, try cheap weapon if you want it hard. The damage gap between normal half-upgraded weapon and weapon in with max upgrade/ability/etc. can be as high as 30x.

    • Anonymous says:

      Honestly that’s why I hope this game never gets a Western server. We bitch and moan about every little thing. We couldn’t wait for Blade&Soul NA but when we got it everyone took a huge shit pile on it. I understand it had Bots and poor optimization within its early 2 years but it has gotten alot better now

    • the most notable thing in game is shop sales = more in game currency to waste/spend on whatever the players want to as well grab off “SOME” of the best items they need to push their useless “player skills” to a much better possibility in doing higher damage and receiving lesser the other way , to this day i try to use few mins for dodge/evade timing so i can start up gaming and not screw up timing since mostly when i don’t game i lose touch of the systems speedy attacks which are somewhat hard for me to react on unless i adjust my timing for it. and some new players just come outta nowhere and ask me for my skill tree, its a big joke cuz where as mine i had just made outta nothing and maxing my class’es as well testing em out, with luck and understanding of the skill tree system and two/three fails of skill selection and thanks to sega’s free skill reset passes at times and one main character to go all class max levels to test with then those resets helped do multiple tests at once while saving many for well helping me base my alternates from my main.

  • Anonymous says:

    Anyone tempted to play should try to access… After last month’s DDoS attack and Yahoo’s (Sega’s ISP’s) band-aid solutions, a lot of ISPs outside Japan have difficulty connecting without a VPN or SSH workaround (and a few even with).

    If you can’t connect without VPN/SSH tunnel, decide whether you want to jump through an extra hoop each time you log in, just to play with even more lag.

    Each weekly maintenance, more and more global ISPs are being allowed access, but Sega seem to have dusted their hands off after fixing the connection issue for JP natives.

    They do some fun collaborations in PSO2, though… next one is Virtual On and Shining Force Cross Exlesia costumes, items and cameo enemies. Vita users can meet Sony’s mascots Toro and Kuro, and there have been Attack on Titan and Fate crossovers for which the cosmetic items are still available on the player market.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sounds like a great idea from them for businesses. Advertising directly to the people who is most likely to buy them… genius!!

      Though I could understand why they have reservations for the west – the closest rpg that’s popular there is either DoTA or LoL or.. that new blizzard thing with SC II.

  • Anonymous says:

    The Hardcore PSO fans play it on the JP server and behave like human beings with common sense.

    There is nothing to gain to for Sega for bringing it “the West” specifically the US
    other than prudes and the usual nutjobs will complain how its “oh-so sexist” and the other half whining about the is no instant graftification

      • Anonymous says:

        Annd then there are those of us who simply can’t be bothered to go through foreign captchas…

        It’s either looking at a scribbly character that could be several different iterations of what you THINK it could be because of how it’s always warped and unreadable

        Or your picking one voice out of a crowd, listening to a language you don’t understand, and refreshing till you get the easier numbers sequence lady one…

        Either way it would be easier for everyone if Sega did as they said they would and opened a western server… Or at least make the official retraction on the western site and open the doors to international registration, that way they don’t even have to pay for another set of servers!

  • Anonymous says:

    Strange, it was 19 years ago today when I had sex with my Niece at baltocon when she said to me… Someday there will be cartoon music stars with computer voices. She passed away a few years later on ValuJet flight 592. R.I.P. I’m not sure why or how this memory was triggered.

  • Anonymous says:

    Last year there was a somewhat similar event, to celebrate Miku’s birthday, the song “Online Game Addicts Anthem” (Sega’s english translation of the name of the song), which, in Project Diva F, the PV has Miku singing there in the Arks lobby in PSO2 and shows her playing the game on a computer in her bedroom – the video of that song from Project Diva was played on the video screens in the Arks Lobby in PSO2, the same place where in the PV she is singing – and there was Miku’s outfit available in a scratch shop update then as well, but none of the other Crytpon Vocaloid outfits were available then, but this time they are. So this is the 2nd time a Miku event has happened in PSO2 but the first time she’s actually performing in the game (unless you count the Project Diva F PV as a performance), but, the 2nd or 3rd time a concerts type performance has been in the game. Also last year, a diva type character from the game’s universe, named Kuna, who is not a Vocaloid, performed a couple of songs in the game lobby at certain times on a few occasions, so that was cool. Miku is much better though!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    If PSO2 wasn’t so easy… making people playing solo instead in group (like good and old psobb)

    I would play again pso2… but i don’t think just because this event will make me play again.

    Playing online with people that like playing solo. rly wtf? What’s wrong with people nowdays

    Well, Japaneses acts more like a team, but is kinda annoying the fact that where i live is -12 hours from japan…
    To put simple i need to play around 11:00AM just to play with japanese fellows meh… Had good time playing but not worth

    • Anonymous says:

      The internet is a good outlet for the anti social, but unfortunately they play online games too.

      I found you get more party offers in certain types of MMOs, I’ve found I’ve had to play Solo because some people just seem keen on sticking with their own little social groups. Which is fine with me, I’m good enough at MMOs that I can reach end game content pretty much without much teaming.